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Food coloring for pastry and cooking 

There are all kinds of food dyes and everyone agrees has a specific use: liquid food coloring, powder, gel or Airbrush. You will also find paintings and effect pigments: dyes edible glitter, pearly, gold, silver, bronze, gold rose, to water effect and many others. 

A small dose will give you a beautiful color to your sugar paste, Marzipan, cake, etc.

Liquid food coloring

Liquid food dyes are used to dye and color royal icing, Buttercream, the Genoese and other dough has biscuits going even in the oven! They allow to give a festive look to your creations. A few drops are enough! Say goodbye to basic cakes to the bland color and Hello colorful cakes and full of life! Orange, blue, pink, green and much more: a real ocean of more original colors to each other waiting for you.

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Food colours in powder

are very popular because they are multi-purpose! You can apply dry brush to create relief and made a powder but also dilute them in water to create a real food painting. Use the extract of lemon instead of water will allow you to paint cakes for birthdays and any other cake by adding a slight tangy taste. Elements in sugar paste or paste of almond, everything becomes support to give free rein to your desire. You will transform your creations in paintings of master in a jiffy.Gel food coloring Food dyes in gel are used to tint your pasta to cakes, cookies and others. Very economical, a few drops are enough to give a bright or pastel color, according to your desires, your preparation without her thin. Ideals to color your pasta to swrcu, almond pastes. The wide choice in the possible nuances will allow you to unleash your creativity and allows you to create beautiful cakes that époustoufleront your entourage. Then take the plunge and go to the discovery of the nuances


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Spray varnish Glaze 400 ml of SME
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PME edible polishing spray in large packaging to coat marzipan, sugar decorations such as isomalt and chocolate with a beautiful layer of glossy lacquer. In addition to providing a shiny coat, this GLAZE spray will protect your creations. Capacity: 400 ml.

21,71 €
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