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Food colours - what for? 

The liquid food coloring are used to dye and color Royal icing cream butter, Genoese and other pastes for cakes. However, their use in beaten egg whites herbal mixtures is not recommended. Easy to use, they are also fun to use and will allow you to get very many shades by mixing. Our specialization in the field of creative pastry and Cake Design makes you will find everything that can be done around the liquid food coloring. Classic food coloring to food painting through the dyes for Airbrushes, planet-cakes has selected the best brands of dye as well as the most beautiful shades for you. Red food coloringThis red food coloring from Rainbow Dust is a professional grade product. Unlike liquid dyes retail (supermarkets), it is highly concentrated pigment

. A few drops enough so to give a bright color to your dough to cake, biscuit, or royal icing. You can avoid the worries of the liquefaction of your creations. A few occasionally, its deep red will be resplendent and intense. Say goodbye to your old experiences, often unpleasant, with the coloring liquid and discover the difference with these professional products!

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Black food paintWe offer this high quality black food paintmanufactured by Rainbow Dust. Very opaque (only thin enough!) and neutral taste, she will give you a lacquered, shiny effect totally stunning. A very deep black, she is ready to use: you don't have to soak brushes or natural sponges and paint your artwork. Cover your pasta to sugar, massages, characters, Frostings royaux and other creations. 100% edible, its effect will be stunning.

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Yellow food coloringThis yellow food coloring for airbrush is manufactured by Kopykake and part of its range Kroma. Its use is with an airbrush, but it can also be integrated directly into your pasta to cakes, icings, and any other personal creation. Its CAP is of the color of its content to distinguish them easily. Like its congeners, it suits the regime hide, vegetarian and even vegan. It is part of the dyes for the most used Airbrushes by professionals. Indeed, its drying time is short, and its recovery rate is ideal. It is also available in 13 other shades as well as a pack.Check it out here

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Liquid food coloring - dye creams and pasta bake

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