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Discover the powdered dyes created by the cake designer Austalian Faye Cahill, high quality, they will be perfect to accompany you when decorating your sugar dough cakes, ideal for all your wedding cakes!

Manufacturer of high quality metallic or pearl powder dyes, known for creating the most beautiful wedding cakes. They were created by the Cake designer of the same name Faye Cahill, who is Australian and makes elegant and sophisticated cakes.

Sale Colorant en poudre métallisé Faye Cahill 5g
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Discover these metallic powder dyes created by the cake designer Australian of the same name Faye Cahill. They are of remarkable quality and allow decorations with perfect finishes on your cakes and wedding cakes made of sugar paste. Available in several colours.

7,96 € 9,95 € -20%
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