Metallized dyes Magic Colours for AIRBRUSH-55ml

Magic Colours METALLIZED for Airbrush - 55ml

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Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours are 55ml liquid metallised dyes for airbrushes. This concentrated and shiny edible colouring can also be used with brushes or the edible sponge for painting on your decorated cakes.

Available in 16 metallic and vibrant colours!

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Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours - liquid metallic edible colouring, particularly suitable for use with an airbrush.

Its covering formula allows you to obtain a brilliant result on your designer cake cakes, but also brings a brilliant touch to your desserts (desserts, creams...).

Choose from our 16 vibrant colours!

Magic Colours liquid metallic dyes can also be used with edible brushes to paint or colour your sugar paste, marzipan, gumpaste decorations... or with a edible sponge for a texture effect on the surface of your theme cake or on your presentation tray;)!

Odourless, quick drying, easy cleaning. Use only for surface colouring (not to be mixed with your sugar paste).

: make your own gold leaf using this metallic dye, here is the video;)

Directions for use: we advise you to dilute the product slightly with either a little vodka or lemon extract for a fluid use with your airbrush.

Capacity 55g

Certified Kosher

Ingredients: Water, propylene glycol, Xanthan gum stabilizer, acidity regulator E331/E330, preservative E202, E555, alcohol (<2% as a solvent). Then the following dyes are added according to the colours:

  • OR (Gold): E172 and E171
  • ROSE (Pink): E122 and E171
  • SILVER: E129, E151, E133, E102 and E171
  • NACRED WHITE (Pearl): E171
  • Bronze: E172 and E171
  • Light blue (Blue): E133, E171
  • Red (Red): E124, E129 and E171
  • Yellow: E102, E171
  • Green (Green): E133, E102, E171
  • OR Rose (Gold Pink) :E172 and E171
  • Dark blue (Indigo Blue): E133, E171
  • Lime Green (Yellow Grass): E102, E133, E171
  • Forest Green: E133, E102, E171
  • Purple: E124, E133, E171
  • Black: E129, E151, E133, E102 and E171
  • Turquoise: E133, E102, E171
  • Orange: E102, E124, E171

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