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  • Personalized food printing LOSC de LILLE Football Club
  • Personalized food printing LOSC de LILLE Football Club
  • Personalized food printing LOSC de LILLE Football Club

Sugar Cake Contour for CHRISTMAS


Decorate the contour of your cakesin theblink of an eye thanks to our printed sugar strips. Once cut out and placed end to end, the strips will surround your cake: A minimum of effort for a maximum of rendering!

Here, a sheet of 3 sugar bands of 28cm x 7cm high representing large fir branches decorated with Christmas decorations to dress your Christmas Eve cake.

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Beautiful edible cake outlines printed with fir branches and Christmas baubles!

Our designers have created each of these leaves so that the strips fit together visually perfectly with each other ! So, the junctions between each strip will be almost invisible and your guests will enjoy your cake amazed by its design... and by the taste of this vanilla-flavoured sugar leaf!

Our sugar sheets for cake contours are easy to cut with scissors or a cutter. This model is offered in 3 Stripes format, 6.5cm high by 28cm long. This way, each of these leaves can completely surround a cake of 26cm in diameter and 7cm high.

As this decoration is on a white background, you can either cut out the pattern or place the strips in the centre so that the pattern fits visually on a cake 7cm or 10cm high.

And if your cake is bigger and you want to go all the way around, just take several sheets!

By the way, here is a chart that will help you find the number of sugar leaves needed to go all the way around a cake depending on its diameter and height. Thanks to our childhood formula Pi... ;-)


piece of cake

No. of 3-striped sheets

necessary to surround

an entire cake

height 7cm

10cm 1
15cm 1
8 inches 1
10 inches 1
12 inches 2
35cm 2
40cm 2
45cm 2

To stick the strips on your cake, nothing could be simpler:simply cut the strips and stick them on using food glue, royal icing or Crisco . These strips can be glued on both round and square cakes.

We offer you also dozens of other original sugar cake contour designs on the largest possible themes: Safari (animal skin), Football, Nature (Sea, fire, sky...) Baby Shower, Birthday boy and little princesses, Car, Card game, Animated film, Video games, Unicorn, Pink Flamingo etc... It's impossible not to find the sugar leaf outline you need to decorate your cake!

CHARACTERISTICS of the Sugar Leaf :

  1. Our Sugar Sheet consists of a very thin layer of icing placed on a plastic support that will allow you to handle it without difficulty. The impressions obtained give images with faithful and luminous colours.
  2. Frosting Sheets can be stored at room temperature for up to 6 months without any problem.


  1. To separate the sugar sheet from its plastic support, let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the ambient humidity level. For more rapidity, you can use a hair dryer.
  2. By pinching one of the corners, the sugar sheet should come off the plastic support, so you can remove it and stick it on your cake.
  3. Avoid placing the sugar sheets on creams containing water or on topping, otherwise moisture will rise.

The ink used (all colours are concerned) and the sugar sheets are FDA approved and kosher certified. By its composition, they are also Halal. See attached downloadable document.

Ingredients :

  • Ink : water, solubilizer E1520, Humectant E422, dyes E151, E110*, E102*, E122*, E133
  • Sugar leaf :Corn starch, glucose syrup, cellulose, canola oil, potassium sorbate, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, water, polyglicerol, glucose alginate powder, fructose, sugar, gum arabic, invert sugar, citric acid. Guaranteed GMO-free. Certified Kosher.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised.

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