Set of 5 brushes Wilton
  • Set of 5 brushes Wilton
  • Set of 5 brushes Wilton
  • Set of 5 brushes Wilton

Set of 5 Wilton brushes



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This set of Wilton decorative brushes allows you to use a wide variety of decorative techniques for cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other sweets.

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This set makes it easy to paint beautiful patterns on cookies, cakes and cupcakes. These soft-coated brushes are intended for edible use and are suitable for all kinds of decorations.

The liner brush is used for details, the round brush for fine or thick lines, the small flat brush is used to create shadows or mix colours. The flat bevelled brush allows you to create beautiful rounded knots or flower petals and the large flat brush is useful for creating more daring lines or patterns.

Before the first and after each use, wash by hand with warm water and mild soap. Rinse well and let dry. Press to remove excess water from the brush bristles

Contains: 5 brushes.

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