Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique
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  • Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique
  • Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique
  • Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique
  • Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique
  • Etage séparateur de gateau transparent en acrylique

Transparent acrylic cake separator stage

Thanks to this sturdy transparent Plexiglas tube, 15cm high and available in 3 diameters, you will be able to elevate your assembled room by separating its floors, as if the upper floors were floating in the air!

With this dummy transparent round, you also have access to its heart to fill it with decorative objects on the theme of the cake. A must to leave guests speechless

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Which cake maker, pastry chef or cake designer who's not looking for a way to impress their guests or clients even more? At Planète Gateau, we are well aware of this and we are proud to present this fantastic product that we have created especially for you!

So here is a very solid tube made of plexiglass, also called acrylic, which will play the role of dummies transparent and which will separate and elevate the floors of your mounted room.

Here is a video presentation of the product:

15cm high, these transparent and hollow dummy floors are available in 3 diameters:

  • 15cm diameter by 15cm height
  • 20cm diameter by 15cm height
  • 25cm diameter by 15cm height

A flood of ideas should fill your imagination in order to exploit the full potential of this product with your cakes. For example:

  • Generate a visual effect so that the floors above the tube float in the air,
  • Use this acrylic tube as a display by positioning it at the very bottom of your mounted part,
  • Fill the heart of the tube with bombs or flowers to match the theme of your cake visually,
  • Use the heart of the tube to insert the main weeding cake shape or the lucky birthday present,
  • by adding a food-grade plastic film inside to seal the heart, add water and fish... and a waterproof light module on battery.... AHHHHH it's so beautiful !!!!!

...You have understood it, this reusable plexiglass tube will be your great partner to revolutionize your next assembled parts.

Made of a very strong 5mm thick acrylic and supplied with its base at the bottom, this transparent floor will not damage your lower floors but will also be able to withstand up to 10kg above it without worries.

All you have to do is:

  • make sure to respect its point of balance (in the centre),
  • to use a tray support cake board to put the cake on top of the tube.
  • to use dowelwood or plastic in the cake that will be under the tube

You'll love it!