Complete kit of the SURPRISE CAKE display View larger
Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand
Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand Complet kit Surprise Cake Popping Stand

Complete kit of the SURPRISE CAKE display


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This revolutionary new cake display works like a standard stand but with a hidden function!

With a removable central coreyou can hide either candy or directly the gift of the lucky one. It will then jump from the middle of the cake at the right time.... accompanied by a melody "Happy birthday to you"!

Surprise effect GUARANTEED!!!!!!

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This 2-in-1 cake display can easily accommodate a round cake up to 28 cm in diameter and 15 cm high

It can even be used as a cupcake display by adding the second floor. In the latter case, it can contain up to 24 standard cupcakes. It also includes a Cupcake holder that will be at the top of the gift..... as a final touch. In this case, we recommend adding a little food glue or royal icing to glue the base of the cupcake.

Use this cake rack for various upcoming occasions and special events. Just wash and reuse it! Ideal for cake Designers who want to make a difference with their customers by offering to lend (or rent) this "never seen" option!

The removable heart that will accommodate the gift is large enough to store new phones, gift cards, jewellery, concert tickets, money etc....

But rather than big speeches, watch the 2 demonstration videos below:

Now watch the video of the assembly TUTORIAL:

As part of this revolutionary SURPRISE CAKE product, you should know that we also sell this starter kit, which is more accessible, and even optional accessories by the unit:

What is included in this complete kit? The POPUP cake Stand contains:

  • A BIG tray of 34cm in diameter
  • A SMALL tray of 26 cm in diameter (for possible cupcakes)
  • Transparent round box that will store the gift from 15cm high to 7cm in diameter
  • A PVC circle to perfectly remove the center of the cake to the right dimensions
  • The central tubular foot also includes a small metal ring that can act as a trigger to manually eject the gift
  • A spring and its support
  • A foot serving as a stabilizing base for the display
  • A candle AND Cupcake holder (standard size 5cm in diameter), depending on your cakes, which will be the cover inserted in the removable central heart
  • A music box that, depending on the number of turns you make to wind it up, will play the chosen music and when it finishes, it will be the automatic trigger that will eject the gift. The box includes the melody Happy Birthday.
  • A protective bell, rigid and transparent, which in addition to keeping the cake will be used to transport it safely.

If you use the music box as a trigger and want to put your gift back in place when the song is finished, rewind it until you hear a click. The bracket will then reset the song and allow you to push the central core back into the bracket.

We do not recommend loading the gift container with items weighing more than 500g, as the spring will have difficulty pushing the gift cap upwards.

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