Colour Mill fat-soluble dyes 20ml
  • Colour Mill fat-soluble dyes 20ml
  • Colorants liposolubles Colour Mill 20ml

Colour Mill fat-soluble dyes 20ml


Discover the new range of fat-soluble dyes from Colour Mill without E171, which will be perfect for all your fat-based preparations.

Recommended for tinting chocolate, butter cream, candy melts and much more...

Capacity : 20 ml.

Available in several colors

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Colour Mill's E171-free fat-soluble food coloring is perfect for coloring chocolate, cocoa butter,buttercream, meringue, candy melts and all fat-based preparations.

Made from oil, these dyes will bring intense and vibrant colors to your preparations.

You can also let your imagination run wild by mixing colors for an even richer and more vibrant result.

We advise you to dose the dye gradually because the color intensifies as the mixture and time.

Here is a demonstration video of these beautiful COLOUR MILL food coloring:

And many more videos on the Instagram account of Colour Mill

Keep away from light and heat.

Container : 20 ml

Ingredients :Glycerin (E422), Rapeseed, Lecithin (E322), Emulsifier (433) and, depending on the color, the following colorants:

  • Baby Blue e132 and E133: E133
  • Sky Blue e133 : Colour E133
  • Sea Blue e133, E172 and E120 : E133, E132 and E120
  • Navy Blue : Dye E133, E132, E153
  • Royal Blue : Colors E133, E132 and E120
  • Tiffany Blue : colors E102*, E133
  • Blush e172 dye
  • Toffee: e172 dye
  • Coral e110, E129
  • Grey e172 : colorant E172
  • Lemon Yellow and Yellow e102* : colorant E102
  • Lila e120, E133
  • Chocolate Brown : E172
  • Black Colorant E153
  • Orangee110 : Colorant E110
  • Peach e110, E129 : colorant E110
  • Old Pink : color E172
  • Fuchsia Pink e172 : color E120
  • Baby Pink : e120 dye
  • Candy Pink : E132 and E120
  • Red e129 : color E129
  • Raspberry Red e120 : Colorant E120
  • Turquoise e102* : colors E102*, E133
  • Green :e102*, E133
  • Anise green e102* , E133
  • Emerald Green : dyes E102, E133, E172
  • Forest Green: dyes E102*, E133
  • Mint Green : E102*, E133
  • Olive Green : colorants E102*, E133, E172
  • Sage greene102*, E133, E172
  • Purple : colors E120, E151

* E102 colorant may have adverse effects on children's activity and attention.

Certified Vegan, Halal Friendly and Certified Kosher.

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