Kit moule chocolat lapin diamant x2 cavités
  • Kit moule chocolat lapin diamant x2 cavités
  • Kit moule chocolat lapin diamant x2 cavités

Diamond rabbit chocolate mold kit x2 cavities

Revolutionary mold kit, 2 in polycarbonate and 1 in silicone, to easily make up to 2 beautiful 3D diamond bunnies in hollow chocolate.

Let your imagination run wild by filling them with delicacies or small gifts.

These bunnies will be as beautiful as delicious for all your festive events or for Easter.

Dimension cavity: 19.6 x 9.75 x 3.55 cm

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Shape 2 beautiful 3D chocolate diamond bunnies of 19.6 cm in length, shiny and realistic, worthy of the most beautiful pastries with this kit of 3 molds: 2 polycarbonate and 1 silicone.

You can also decorate the inside of your chocolates according to your desires: sprinkles, marshmallows but also objects (gifts, jewelry, silver)

During the tasting, surprise effect and "buzz" assured!

You will bring a "fun" and trendy touch to all your festive events or for the Easterparty.

In only 1 operation, this reusable kit will allow you to easily make the 2 sides of the object that you will assemble after hiding your surprise inside. Fans will even provide a small wooden hammer to break these bunnies but a good spoon stroke can also be enough ;-)

The innovation of this revolutionary mold kit lies in its 3 parts whose role is, on the one hand, to "sandwich" the still flowing chocolate and distribute it evenly. And on the other hand, to allow an extremely easy demolding with a smooth and shiny chocolate finish.

The cavities have a graduation mark telling you the maximum amount of chocolate to pour inside to avoid a surplus that would overflow.


  • Wash the molds with hot water only to preserve the mold, increase its longevity and optimize the finish of future mold releases.
  • All types of chocolate are compatible for use with these molds, including Melt tablets.
  • If you use white chocolate, you can even color it as you wish with our fat-soluble colorants
  • In order not to burn the chocolate and risk denaturing it, it is strongly recommended to melt the chocolate in a double boiler only.
  • Once the melted chocolate has been poured into the first mold and the other two molds applied in a "sandwich", place in the refrigerator to accelerate the solidification of the chocolate. And only after the chocolate is hard can you unmold it.
  • To glue the chocolate half-shells together to obtain your 3D object, the little trick is to heat a saucepan to vacuum, then turn it upside down, place the first chocolate half-shell so that it melts slightly and finally make it stick to the other chocolate half-shell. You can also put tempered chocolate on the ends to make the 2 pieces stick together.

Here is a video of a similar mold to help you understand how it works and how to use it:

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