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Crisco grease plant 1.36 kg

Crisco vegetable fat 1.36 kg



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Crisco, here in a 1.36kg jar, also called "vegetable shortening" is used a lot as a substitute for butter in pastries.

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Crisco, also known as "vegetable shortening", is widely used as a substitute for butter in pastries.

Crisco is made from different vegetable fats. It is a white vegetable fat.

This product is suitable for many applications, including:

  • to prevent your sugar dough from sticking during spreading,
  • to grease the dies, if necessary,
  • to make the flux more flexible during kneading.

Keep at room temperature for 1 year after opening the can. It contains 50% less saturated fat than butter. Excellent source of omega 3.

Ingredients: soybean oil, palm oil, emulsifier (E471), antioxidant (E319), citric acid (E330)

Allergens: Halal, does not contain alcohol and is suitable for vegetarians

Practical, this jar is resealable at will and hermetic for a better longevity of the product.

The crisco is only used cold

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