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Imprimante alimentaire A4 - Kit complet V4
  • Imprimante alimentaire A4 - Kit complet V4
  • Imprimante alimentaire A4 - Kit complet V4

A4 food printer - Complete kit V4

This kit is designed for Cake Designers and other professionals who want to print their graphic creation at home on edible A4 media. It includes :

  • 1 wifi inkjet printer compatible for food printing
  • 1 set of 5 PRE-FILLED food grade ink cartridges
  • 5 sugar sheets and 5 unleavened sheets
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This complete printer kit of PLANETE GATEAU is ready to use and certified according to the European regulation for food printing. It supports A4 sugar sheets and will fit you perfectly if you

  • are cake designerare a pastry chef or other professional in the food industry
  • are new to computers and are looking for a ready to use pack
  • want to be able to replenish your consumables over time on the same site

One of the big strengths of the printer selected by PLANETE GATEAU is that you will be able to load the food sheets via the rear tray of the printer. Thus, the sheets will enter from the top and exit from the bottom of the printer WITHOUT HAVING TO BE CURVED and without the risk of being broken inside the printer.

IMPORTANT: This printer kit from PLANETE GATEAU for food printing has been adapted and customized by our services. It has passed complete analysis in an external laboratory and is compliant for food contact. Thus, we provide inside the kit a certificate of conformity for food contact that you can provide to the inspection service in case of control.

I- CANON A4 inkjet printer of last generation

  • WIFI CONNECTION (with Air Print) and/or USB Cable
  • PRINT QUALITY 4800 dpi
  • PRINT FORMAT max A4 full page
  • Compatible operating systems: Windows VISTA, 7 to Windows 11 - Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Size: 455 × 369 × 148 mm for 6.3kg. Depending on availability, the printer can be delivered in black or white.
  • Also supplied with original CANON non-food printer cartridges. Please do not use them for your food prints.
  • WARRANTY: The printer is guaranteed for 1 year except for the print head which is guaranteed for 1 month. See the reason in the section below "Advice on using our kit"

II- Set of 5 cartridges filled with food grade ink

V4 cartridges filled with edible ink and not refillable are included in the kit. And once your cartridges are finished, you have 2 choices:

III- 5 sheets of sugar A4 size

Please refer to the complete description of our sugar sheets here and or you can restock later by pack of 25 sheets

IV- 5 sheets of unleavened paper in Premium quality A4 size

See full description of the unleavened sheets here and or you can restock later by pack of 25 sheets or even by 10 sheets.

Advice for the use of our kit:

  1. Execute regularly the function "deep cleaning", 1 time every 2 weeks. We advise to clean the print head with kroma cleaner if the cleaning of the printer itself is not enough.
  2. Once used, avoid leaving the printer without printing anything for more than 1 month, otherwise the print heads, called "nozzles", will be clogged with dried ink.
  3. The 2 points above explain why we cannot guarantee the print head more than 1 month after purchase. Indeed, the nozzles of the print head get blocked when these instructions are not strictly followed. On the other hand, if you are rigorous in their maintenance, your print head can last for years.
  4. You can also buy a brand new print head here that is perfectly compatible with this printer! Very easy to replace, it will immediately solve any problems of nozzle that remains clogged despite your cleaning.
  5. It is normal to have punctually an information message from the printer which would indicate that one of the cartridges is almost empty while you note by transparency that this one is well filled. This message, informative only, will not prevent you from printing your documents. You can ignore it.
  6. Please keep the non-food cartridges for testing in case of cartridge detection failure.
  7. In order for the sugar sheet to be correctly "sucked" by the printer, you must do 2 things:
    1. Before starting the printing, in the printing parameters, set the paper type to "Envelope"
    2. Hold the sheet with one hand by the top and push it slightly towards the bottom of the printer to help it snap into the printer as soon as the printer tries to "suck it in" - See the demonstration in this video !
    3. CAUTION: Always load your sugar sheets, one by one, on the vertical tray located at the back of the printer. Never put your sugar sheets in the horizontal tray located under the printer. If you do so, the mechanism that engages the sheets will break the sugar from the sheet into small pieces and distribute it throughout the printer, which will damage it. If this happens, your printer is no longer guaranteed.

Due to the passage of ink through the print head, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE

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