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Printer V2 full kit for food impression

Complete kit Printer V2 for edible printing



187,00 € tax incl.

This kit is designed for Cake Designers and other professionals who want to print their graphic design on edible A4 format at home. He understands:

  • 1 Canon inkjet printer (wifi, scanner, etc.)
  • 1 set of 5 PRE-FILLED cartridges of edible ink
  • 5 sugar leaves and 5 unleavened leaves

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Since January 1, 2020, by the French decree of April 17, 2019 in the Official Journal No. 0097 ECOC1911549A, food products containing titanium dioxide (also called E171 or TiO2), used to color foodstuffs in white, do not should no longer be consumed. This is French law, not European law.

Titanium dioxide is therefore no longer edible in France but nevertheless remains non-toxic. French law also still authorizes the use of E171 in medicines and cosmetic products (eg toothpaste).

Thus, like any other non-food but non-toxic reference on our site, this product should not be eat and should only be used for decorative purposes.

Finally, note that we are working hard so that the manufacturer can provide us with their products as soon as possible in a version without E171. Thank you for your understanding and support ;-)

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This complete and ready-to-use kit for edible printing will suit you perfectly if you:

- are a cake designer, pastry chef or other professional in the "edible" professions
- are new to IT and are looking for a ready-to-use pack
- want to be able to replenish your supplies, over time, on the same site

One of the main strengths of the printer selected by PLANETE GATEAU is that you can load the edible sheets via the printer's rear tray. This way, the sheets will enter from the top and exit from the bottom of the printer WITHOUT HAVING TO BE CURVED and without risk of being broken inside the printer

Here is in detail what this kit designed by Planète gâteau contains, which will allow you to obtain the best graphic rendering on edible supports and that you or your customers will put on cakes:

I- Latest generation A4 inkjet CANON printer

- WIFI CONNECTION (with Air Print) and/or USB
Cable - SCANNER A4 INTEGRATED. The "copy" function will allow you, for example, to make photocopies on your edible supports, without using your computer!
- Max A4 full page
- Compatible operating systems: Windows XP, VISTA, 7 to 10 - Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
- Size: 455 × 369 × 148 mm for 6.3kg
- Also supplied with original CANON non-edible printer cartridges. Please do not use them for edible printing.
- CAUTION: Depending on availability, the printer can be delivered in black or white.

II- Set of 5 Cartridges filled with edible ink

See full description of these non-refillable cartridges contained in the kit and or replenish yourself afterwards. Simplicity guaranteed.

Once your cartridges are finished, you can also purchase 100% refillable cartridges and an ink bottle kit from us that will allow you to print many more pages at a lower cost.
Here is a video to learn how to fill your cartridges:

III- 5 sheets of sugar A4 format

See complete description of the sugar leaves here and or replenish yourself afterwards in packs of 25 leaves

IV- 5 unleavened sheets in Premium quality A4 format

See full description of the unleavened sheets here and or replenish yourself afterwards in packs of 25 sheets or even 10 sheets.

Advice on how to use our kit:

  1. Advice to perform the "deep cleaning" function regularly, once every 2 weeks. We recommend cleaning the print head with kroma cleaner if cleaning the printer itself is not enough.
  2. Once used, avoid leaving the printer without printing anything for more than 1 month or risk clogging the print heads with the ink that has dried. If this is the case, the printer being under warranty for 1 year, the CANON service will repair or exchange it quickly anywhere in France.
  3. It is normal to have an occasional information message from the printer indicating that one of the cartridges is almost empty while you see by transparency that it is well filled. This message, which is only informative, will not prevent you from printing your documents. So you can ignore it.
  4. Please keep the non-edible cartridges for testing in case of failure.



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