5 x sheets of sugar for impressions on Meringues

5 Transfer sheets for Meringues, Isomalt and Chocolate


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Print your meringues, isomalt lollipops or chocolates with these meringue sheets. Personalize your treats to infinity to impress your guests. This is the new trend to decorate your candy bars, sweet tables and to offer to the guests of your events!

Dimensions : A4 (21 cm x 29.8) cm . Set of 5 printable sheets (see Video)

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Kosher Vegetarian Vegan

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The main trend is for decorated meringues, and it will be child's play thanks to our meringue sheets to customize according to your desires.

Simply print them as if they were a sugar leaf or an unleavened leaf (with the edible printer), with the only difference that you will have to think about reversing the pattern if you use text or numbers.

Then pocket your meringues on each pattern using a smooth or fluted piping tips and put them in the oven.

Take off your meringues and your pattern will be transferred to the bottom. You can also use these sheets for printing on isomalt and chocolate! For chocolate, we recommend using white chocolate to better see the details of your impressions.

Be careful when handling the leaf, as the sugar layer is extremely thin and can crumble. These transfer sheets are very different from other transfer sheets, such as Chocolate. For example, its plastic film is made to resist to go to the oven or to resist the 180 degree of isomalt when it is burning.

Ingredients: modified corn starch, sugar, maltodextrin, potato starch, stabilizer E414, humectant E422, emulsifier E435 .

These transfer sheets are also certified Kosher.

Sheet size: 20.8 cm x 29 cm .

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