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  • Sugaria

    SUGARIA® is a leading brand in the field of the hardware of Cake Design and for the decoration of the cake with sugar paste.There is something for everyone: SUGARIA


    Renshaw (Regalice) is a British food manufacturing company established in 1898 which prides itself on having a primarily local workforce. Renshaw is the leading British manufacturer of sugar paste. An almost unparalleled value.

  • FunCakes

    FunCakes sells a wide range of ingredients and equipment for cooking, decoration and packaging includes cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies.

  • PME

    PME Knightsbridge, a manufacturer in the United Kingdom, offers a high-quality collection of cake decoration materials: anodised aluminium baking moulds, which are by far the best on the market, tray and cake box holders, modelling tools, coloured food sprays, etc...

  • Rainbow Dust

    Rainbow Dustthe world's leading English manufacturer of food colorants in all forms ( gel, powder, liquid), in all colours, of all types (glitter, metallic, pearly, matt, gold, silver) and certified Halal, Kosher, GMO-free, for vegetarians.


    Products of crafts on the Cake Design and from around the world.

    Planet cake try to select the most innovative products even if far from the beaten large historical manufacturers.

  • Wilton

    Wilton based in Illinois and the United States, founded in 1929, is today the leader on pastry decorations products. The Wilton brand offers a selection of innovative, original and cheap!

  • Modécor

    Modecor produced for more than 50 years for the world of decorations for pastriesglaciers, party supplies stores and industries who want to achieve unique desserts.

  • Smartflex

    Discover the fantastic dough sugar SMARFLEX Velvet, so expected at all kellee cake ! She has everything to please, an incomparable elasticity, a satin texture, it will not crack or not tear, and she has an exquisite taste of vanilla!

  • Saracino

    The brand of reference modelling paste Saracinoadopted by the biggest names in cake design.Adopted by a large majority of cake designers, dough SARACINO. Became the reference for the creation of massages.Ideal for creating characters, but also flowers and other decorations.

  • Massaticino

    The famous Massa Ticino Sugarpaste TROPIC sugar paste, developed by CARMA® in 1963, has been developed by all the cake designer loves it! Elastic as you wish!

    The particularity of these colours lies in the fact that they are of natural origin and do not contain any azo dyes, titanium dioxide or animal products.

  • Satin Ice

    Sugar paste rolling Satin Ice brings an elegant finish satin to any type of cake. The patented mixture formula gives a smooth and creamy taste tasty and fluffy like no other product.Preferred for its ease of use and its ability to be rolled very end, Satin Ice sugar paste


    The Italian brand DECORA, which specialises in pastry and Cake Design offers you quality equipment, as well as food products for the decoration of your cakes and creation of Cake Design .


    Magic Colours is a manufacturer recognized worldwide as a great specialist of additives for pastry and Cake Design. Used extensively in England, mainly by professional designers cake,

  • Squires Kitchen

    Squires Kitchen design, designs and distributes products for cake decorating and cake design for nearly 30 years to customers all over the world.

  • Claire Bowman

    Designer specialized in the manufacture of lace food products and flexible to put on cakes. Claire Bowman is the recognized expert worldwide, with the Designer Cake, edible lace.

  • Crystal Candy

    Created and manufactured in South Africa, Crystal Candy sold by Planet cake is one of the first global brand of moulds silicone innovative and ready to use Isomalt diamonds. Product quality guarantee!

  • Silikomart

    Silikomart is an Italian manufacturer specialized in the production of moulds in silicone and tools for pastry, Cake Design the kitchen and the ice. Is it good is a specialist of mould for baking, this is SILIKOMART.You will find some silicone moulds the original regardless of whether

  • FMM

    FMM Sugarcraft the leading manufacturers and suppliers of everything you might need in the channel of sugarcraft and decoration cake cutting and equipment: molds, original decoupoires, etc...

  • JEM

    PME have recently picked up products of the JEM and allowed a second flight via the creation of cheap and innovative products: Cutter, bushings, cutters in stainless steel, rolling pins, pads and much more.


    STÄDTER recognized for the reliability and resilience of its products (and Yes, they are after all Germans! ;-)) but are especially innovative in the field of the cutters, cutters, stamps, molds metal to the work of the sugar paste. 


    Discover the English powder dyes of the famous brand SUGARFLAIR, of high quality they will be perfect to accompany you when decorating your sugar paste cakes, ideal for all your wedding cakes!

  • Sweetapolita

    Sweetapolita has literally revolutionized sprinkles and sugar confetti. Chosen and blended with genius, these sprinkles and sugar beads are truly magnificent. For us, the most beautiful in the world.

  • Disney

    One of the most prestigious brands in the world cannot fail to planet cake catalogue. Almost all the categories represent the character of Disney World: tablecloths, napkins, straws, balloons, confetti, masks, character in sugar or plastic food contact, etc...


    Those who have do the success of KOPYKAKE are especially food colours for airbrush KROMA COLORKROMA felts or the famous sheet of A4 format for printing food sugar.

  • LorAnn Oils

    Brilliant Oils is an English manufacturer recognized worldwide as one of the best in the field of food flavors for the pastry.

  • Culpitt

    Manufacturer of products specialized in Cake Design Culpitt offers a wide range of equipment for the manufacture of your cakes. In particular, flower stems of all kinds of sizes and colours for the production of sugar flowers.


    La Patelièreis aFrench manufacturer that offershealthy and natural ingredients, for professional or amateur pastry chefs , to make fantastic desserts full of taste: Natural Flavours, Coulis, dried fruit in all its forms, chips, Yeast, Ganache filling dough, ...

  • Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes

    Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes offers a range ofembosser to letters to print on your cakes for a chic and elegant decoration!

  • House of Marie

    Specialist in cupcake boxes, and paper sticks, House of marie offers high quality items to accompany all your pastries.

  • Callebaut - Barry

    Callebaut merges with the french Cacao Barry. Callebaut remains a 100% Belgian brand, and all of his chocolates Finest Belgian are manufactured, from bean to chocolate, in Belgium.

  • Cake Decor

    The CAKE DECOR group is an English Manufacturer since 2006 of colourful royal glazes and very colourful and original sprinkles. They have built a solid reputation for the quality of their products


    Windsor CakeCraft is one of the most recognized providers of supplies and equipment of cake decoration cake decorations.

  • Faye Cahill

    Discover the powdered dyes created by the cake designer Austalian Faye Cahill, high quality, they will be perfect to accompany you when decorating your sugar dough cakes, ideal for all your wedding cakes!


    CERART is a manufacturer of modelling tools Italian and particularly in the world of the cake Design. Recognized world-wide for excellence and quality their tools, CERART is without a doubt the leader in its field of activity. 

  • Marvelous Molds

    Marvelous Molds manufacturer of silicone mould high quality, offers of moulds design and trend for your cake decorating .

Showing 1 - 43 of 43 items
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