Colorants en gel alimentaires Funcakes 30 g
  • Colorants en gel alimentaires Funcakes 30 g
  • Colorants en gel alimentaires Funcakes 30 g
  • Colorants en gel alimentaires Funcakes 30 g
  • Colorants en gel alimentaires Funcakes 30 g

Food coloring gel Funcakes 30 g


These highly concentrated gel food colorants from the brand Funcakes highly concentrated gel food coloring will allow you to color your cake batter, sugar dough, frosting, creams, macaroons and more. Bring beautiful colors to your creations!

Available in several colors.

Container : 30 g .

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Edible coloring gel of the brand Funcakes .

With these gel dyes you will be able to add pretty colors in your preparations, such as sugar paste, macaroons, cake batter, creams, icing ... Highly concentrated, it will only take a drop to color your recipes, to dose according to the intensity of the desired color. These food colorings are stable to cooking up to 200°C.

Preparation: pour the desired amount of dye for example on your fondant or your cream, knead or mix to obtain a homogeneous color. Continue kneading or mixing until you get the desired result.

Available colors: turquoise, black, aqua blue, yellow, royal blue, lime, mint green, baby blue, pink, red, orange, burgundy, holly green, peach, purple, beige, brown, old rose, honey yellow, teal blue, taupe and earth red.

Ingredients glycerin, propylene glycol, emulsifier: E551 and colorants according to the following colors:

  • Turquoise: E133, E104
  • Black : E153
  • Aqua blue : E133
  • Yellow : E102
  • Royal blue : E133, E122.
  • Lime : E104, E133.
  • Mint green : E133, E104 .
  • Baby blue : E133, E104.
  • Pink : E122
  • Red : E124, E129, E122, E104 .
  • Orange : E110
  • Bordeaux : E122
  • Holly green : E153, E110, E102, E133 .
  • Peach : E110, E129.
  • Purple : E133 , E122
  • Beige : E102, E122.
  • Brown : E102, E122, E133.
  • Old Pink : E122, E102.
  • Honey yellow : E102, E110, E153, E133.
  • Teal blue : E153, E102.
  • Mole: E102, E122, E133, E153
  • Earth red : E124, E153, E102.

*E124, E122, E110, E102 : may have adverse effects on activity and attention in children.

Storage: 15°C-20°C, keep out of direct sunlight.

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