Colorant alimentaire en pâte Squires kitchen 20 g
  • Colorant alimentaire en pâte Squires kitchen 20 g
  • Colorant alimentaire en pâte Squires kitchen 20 g

Food coloring gels Squires kitchen 20 g


This range of food colouring gels from Squires kitchen gel food coloring range will enable you to intensely color your sugar paste, modeling paste, marzipan, buttercream, royal icing and much more!

Capacity: 20 g .

Available in 15 colors.

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Gel food colorants from Squires kitchen water-based gel food colorants are perfect for coloring all your sugar doughs, creams, icings, etc.

What's more, these food colorants, also known as gel colorants, are all glycerine-free, which can prevent icing from setting, so they're what you should use when complete drying is essential. They do not alter the consistency of paste or glaze. The complete color collection is fully mixable, allowing you to achieve the exact shade of color you desire.

Ingredients : water ,Glucose syrup , Thickener : E1422 , Preservative : Acetic acid , Colorants according to color :

Beige : E104, E129

Pink : E122

Peach : E104 , E129

Fuchsia : E122 , E129

Orange : E104 , E129

Red: E129

Green: E133 , E104

Yellow: E104

Blue: E133

Violet : E129 , E151

Turquoise: E133 , E104

Brown: E104 , E129 , E133

Navy blue : E151 , E133

Dark green : E104 , E133 , E129

Black : E153 , E129 , E133

E104, E129 : May affect attention and activity in children.

May contain traces of nuts. Dairy-free and gluten-free.

Contents : 20 g .

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