Tincture MAGIC COLOR in ultra concentrated GEL - 32g

Highly concentrated GEL Colouring MAGIC COLOURS - 32g

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The highly concentrated professional gel dye Magic Colours™ Pro is the ideal edible colouring for your pastry and cake design work. With a capacity of 32g, you will obtain a phenomenal result with your sugar dough, marzipan, gumpaste, macaroons and of course all kinds of glazes.

Choose from 19 colours!

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Kosher Halal certified Gluten-free Vegetarian Vegan

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Magic Color Pro- Highly concentrated, professional quality gel edible colouring agent. Popular with the big names in design cake cake all over the world, it will quickly become indispensable for colouring your desserts, creative pastries, creams, theme cakes, sugar paste painting... You will get a phenomenal result with your sugar dough, marzipan dough, gumpaste, macaroons and of course all kinds of glazes.

Choose from our 19 vibrant colours!

Its unique formula allows your sugar dough to remain supple and not become sticky.

Made from pure pigments, you will only need a very small quantity to obtain bright and vibrant colours, even for red and black!

The measuring bottle allows you to use a precise quantity to obtain the desired shade, without waste.

Colours are oven-proof (up to 180°C)

In our range, we also have the following dyes:

  • Magic Colours™ Pro : professional gel dyestuffs with high concentration
  • Magic Colours™ Metallic Airbrush Colours: liquid metallized airbrush dyes
  • Magic Colours™ EDIBLE CHOCOLATE COLOURS Edible colourings specially created to colour chocolate.
  • Magic Colours™ SPARKLE PASTE: Colouring agent that becomes liquid under the effect of the microwave in order to paint with without having to add alcohol and other dissolve.

Certified Kosher, suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Ingredients: Water, vegetable glycerin, thickener E1422, Xanthan Gum Stabilizer, Acidity Regulator E331/E330, preservative E211. Then, depending on the colours of the dye, the following dyes are added:

  • Lemon Yellow: E102
  • Ice Blue (Ice Blue): E133
  • Navy blue: E151 and E133
  • Bordeaux (Burgundy): E122, E124, E129, E133
  • Orange (Orangino): E102 and E124
  • Baby pink (Bazooka pink) : E122
  • Flesh (Skin Tone): E102 and 155
  • Purple (Violet Grap): E124 and E133
  • Super White: E171. This model contains between 0.2 and 0.5% alcohol used as dissolvent
  • Light green - leaf green: E102, E133, E155
  • Magic Red (Magic Red): E124, E129
  • Magic Black: E129, E151, E133, E102
  • Chocolate Brown (Extra Chocolate): E155, E129, E133, E102, E151
  • Turquoise: E133, E102
  • Royal Blue: E133, E151
  • Ruby Red (Ruby): E122, E124
  • Castle grey: E151, E102, E171, E122

Net weight: 32g

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