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Poudre lustrante argenté Sugarflair 2 g
  • Poudre lustrante argenté Sugarflair 2 g

Sugarflair Silver Shine Powder 2 g

This glossing powder will be perfect to make silver decorations on your macaroons, cakes, sugar paste, magnum cake and other gourmet pastries.

You can mix it with rejuvenator to obtain a sublime edible paint or use it as a powder to sprinkle your delicacies.

Container : 2 g

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Color your pastry creations with this silver powder from Sugarflair that does not contain E171! It will quickly become an indispensable tool for decorating your cakes and creative pastries.

It is ideal for sprinkling directly on the surface of your pastries, to shine your sugar paste or marzipan models or to make a silver food paint by mixing it with rejuvenator.

Your creations will be highlighted and will have the chic and refined touch necessary to accompany all your celebrations.

Ingredients : E555, coloring : E172, anti-caking agent : E551.

Container : 2 g .