Edible metallic powder GOLDEN SANDS color Rainbow Dust View larger
Powder metal gold sand
Powder metal gold sand Powder metal gold sand Gold ROYAL Rainbow Dust edible powder dye

Edible metallic powder GOLDEN SANDS color Rainbow Dust

Rainbow Dust


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Edible colouring powder polish, to be applied directly with a dry brush to add colour to your sugar paste creations, to be mixed with your pastes and creams or diluted to be used as a paint on all your creative pastries! Available in a wide range of colours.

Brand Rainbow Dust

Colour: ROYAL GOLD metallic glossy

Weight: 3g

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Kosher Vegetarian Vegan

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This edible powdered dye METALLIC GOLDEN SANDS from Rainbow Dust, range The Edible Silk Range (edible golden dye), will quickly become an essential tool for decorating your cakes and creative pastries with a chic and royal spirit. Discover the other colours of this superb collection!

You can use it in 3 different ways:

1. Apply it on the surface with a dry brush to colour your gumpaste or marzipan flowers, to add a touch of colour to your modelling clay and other sugar paste decorations. This color is perfect for the gilding of your ornamental moulds, sugar paste jewellery, Christmas ball cakepops etc....

2. Mix it with your sugar dough, marzipan dough, macaroon mix, cake mix, royal icing, creams... for even more vibrant colours

3. Dilute it in lemon extract to transform it into paint and play Picasso on your birthday cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cookies...


Colour: Gold metallic GOLDEN SANDS

100% edible golden edible polishing powder

Net weight: 3g

Kosher certified

Ingredients : Colour: E555, E171, E102 . E102 may have adverse effects on children's activity and attention.

Gluten-free - GMO-free - Lactose-free - Nut-free - suitable for vegetarians

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