Sucre glace amylacé 1 kg
  • Sucre glace amylacé 1 kg

Starch sugar 1 kg


Professionalstarch icing sugar containing 3% starch (anti-binding agent), ideal for making perfect macaroons, but also royal ice cream, Mona Lisa cookies, spoon cookies ... and so many other recipes of pastries! It is also used as a decoration by sprinkling it on your cakes and pastries.

Capacity : 1 kg .

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Icing sugar ( 3% of starch ) .

Icing sugar also called impalpable sugar or icing sugar is obtained by grinding granulated sugar. The crystals are reduced to an impalpable powder. Starch icing sugar contains about 3% of starch used as an anti-caking agent, to prevent the formation of clumps due to humidity.

Mainly used to decorate pastries and cakes, as a sprinkling on cakes and pies, or to sweeten egg whites, it is a must for making macaroons.

Capacity : 1 kg .

Ingrédients : Sugar, 3% potato starch (certified without GMOs and Gluten)

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