Gousse de Vanille Bourbon Gold de Madagascar

3 Bourbon Gold Vanilla Pods from Madagascar

David Vanille


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Travel and discover the subtlety and refinement of our Vanilla pods from Madagascar Gold collection to perfume, flavor your creations, cakes, desserts, mousses, creams..

Size: pouch containing 3 vanilla pods of 11 to 13 cm each

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3 Madagascar vanilla pods from the Gold collection measuring between 11 cm and 13 cm.

David Vanille is one of the world's vanilla specialists. For the past 7 years, he has travelled the globe and the best plantations to set up partnerships with vanilla producer-collectors.

Many sites offer vanilla but David Vanille is one of the only ones to respect a traditional maturing process of these vanilla beans.
The difference is visible as soon as the bag is opened. The aromatic amplitude of these pods is superb, precise and cocoa-flavoured to perfection.
As for a fruit, each stage of its ripening is sinequanone. Care and strict specifications verify many factors to achieve this exceptional result.

Depending on the nature of the soil, the nutrients deposited at the foot of the vanilla tree, exposure to the sun, seasonal rainfall, respect for a fully ripe harvest of green vanilla, long traditional maturing, etc... your pods may or may not be an aromatic Grand Cru.

A Bourbon Gold vanilla pod from Madagascar of this quality makes it possible to make a vanilla recipe. For example, in a custard for 4 people, one pod of 11-13cm will be more than enough.

One of the secrets to expressing all the aroma of your vanilla is a "Grand Chef" infusion.
You just have to let your vanilla pod infuse for an hour at low heat (80°c) in 50cl of milk with 20g of white confectioner's sugar.
You will see the basis of your recipes will be superb. Vanilla will then develop notes of a "return to childhood, grandmother's desserts" :-)

In this video, you will find a recipe if you want to make yourself an intense vanilla extract. Bourbon Gold vanilla pods 11-13cm are the ones used to make this homemade vanilla extract that will delight your family

David Vanille is a member of the Collège Culinaire de France, recognized for excellence in his profession.

Ingredients : Whole vanilla bean.

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