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CE-Mold 230g
CE-Mold 230g CE-Mold 230g CE-Mold 230g CE-Mold 230g

Silicone mold to make yourself COMPOSIMOLD


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RETAILABLE molding material that will allow you to duplicate any object.

COMPOSI-MOLD is a material that makes it easy to make your own mould and can be reused more than 35 times. Moulding material, compatible with edible use, but which can also be used for creative leisure: Fimo, soap making, candles...

Capacity 240ml

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Since January 1, 2020, by the French decree of April 17, 2019 in the Official Journal No. 0097 ECOC1911549A, food products containing titanium dioxide (also called E171 or TiO2), used to color foodstuffs in white, do not should no longer be consumed. This is French law, not European law.

Titanium dioxide is therefore no longer edible in France but nevertheless remains non-toxic. French law also still authorizes the use of E171 in medicines and cosmetic products (eg toothpaste).

Thus, like any other non-food but non-toxic reference on our site, this product should not be eat and should only be used for decorative purposes.

Finally, note that we are working hard so that the manufacturer can provide us with their products as soon as possible in a version without E171. Thank you for your understanding and support ;-)

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COMPOSI-MOLD is a self-made mould, reusable more than 35 times. Moulding material, compatible with edible use, but which can also be used for creative leisure: Fimo, soap making, candles, etc. Unlike silicone molds, this material is re-meltable and reusable. Make your own moulds without fear of making mistakes:).

Reproduce any object (jewellery, characters, buttons, charms...) to decorate your cakes with sugar paste moulds, gumpaste, pastillage, marzipan, chocolate, Candy Meltsbutter...

Directions for use: Composi Mold is to be melted in the microwave or water bath, poured on the subject to be molded (figurine, brooch, lace... etc.) placed in a suitable container. Let cool, remove from the mould and your mould is ready to use. Have you changed your mind? You no longer need this particular mold? No problem, do it again! Composimold is suitable for edible contact, it is suitable for any product warm enough not to melt it (but it is possible to increase this margin of manoeuvre to 90°C by placing your mold in the freezer beforehand). Composimold melts at 54°C, do not exceed 90°C.

Some tips:

- Grease the object to be molded to facilitate its demolding when creating the mold.
- Use neutral oil and grease it as little as possible to avoid creating air bubbles during molding.
- If the container is rigid, think about lightly greasing it.
- During the first use, melt in small strokes of 20 to 30 seconds to be sure not to overheat the Composimold and become familiar with the melt.
- Before destroying a mould to put it back in the pot, remove any material stuck on it (chocolate, sugar).
- Composimold will dissolve in water. However, it is possible to mould ice cubes in it.

Advantages of the product

* Good for the environment: 100% reusable and biodegradable, compostable. Made with renewable ingredients.

* Errors are no longer a problem because Composimold can be melted down and reused to repair or rebuild another mold

* Economical because it can be reused up to 35 times minimum

* Only one material, no need to mix or weigh.

240ml jar

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