Mould for 8 round lollipops
  • Mould for 8 round lollipops
  • Mould for 8 round lollipops
  • Mould for 8 round lollipops
  • Mould for 8 round lollipops
  • Mould for 8 round lollipops

Silicone mold 4 lollipops Lollipop balls

This silicone mold will allow you to make 4 round lollipops of 3cm diameter in isomalt or chocolate Candy melt ... A great idea to decorate your sweet tables during abirthday party, a baby shower, or other festive events.

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Make yourself the famous 3cm ball lollipops of our childhood, inIsomalt sugar , chocolate, candy melt and more according to your desires, thanks to this mold with 8 cavities with locations for sticks

These lollipops will perfectly accompany yourbirthday parties your sweet tables, baby showers and other personalized festive events!

As the video below shows, the method is very simple:

  • Melt Isomalt in the microwave for a few seconds
  • Colour your melted Isomalt with gel colouring, glitter or any other edible components
  • Place your 4 lollipop sticks of 9cm and pour your Isomalt, still liquid, in the 8 cavities of the mould. Then leave to harden for a few minutes
  • Turn out the 8 half-spheres (4 with their sticks) then stick the 4 half-spheres together by heating the sugar on their flat surface.... And that's it!

Dimensions of the mould: 21x13cm on 1,7cm thickness

Diameter of each ball: 3cm