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Food impression Silhouette buildings
Food impression Silhouette buildings Food impression Silhouette buildings

Edible printing Silhouette Buildings



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Black and white decor showing buildings such as skyscrapers (Building), printed on an A4 sugar edible sheet, to cut out and place on your birthday cake on the theme of the urban environment like New York (Freedom Statute) or Paris (Eiffel Tower)

Each copy of this printing will allow you to surround (decorate the walls) with a 18cm diameter cake.

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Kosher Halal Vegetarian Vegan
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Since January 1, 2020, by the French decree of April 17, 2019 in the Official Journal No. 0097 ECOC1911549A, food products containing titanium dioxide (also called E171 or TiO2), used to color foodstuffs in white, do not should no longer be consumed. This is French law, not European law.

Titanium dioxide is therefore no longer edible in France but nevertheless remains non-toxic. French law also still authorizes the use of E171 in medicines and cosmetic products (eg toothpaste).

Thus, like any other non-food but non-toxic reference on our site, this product should not be eat and should only be used for decorative purposes.

Finally, note that we are working hard so that the manufacturer can provide us with their products as soon as possible in a version without E171. Thank you for your understanding and support ;-)

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Black and white decor showing buildings such as skyscrapers (Building), printed on an A4 sugar edible sheet (21x29cm), to cut out and place on your birthday cake on the theme of the urban environment like New York (Freedom Statute), Paris (Eiffel Tower) or even SPIDERMAN

Each row of buildings measuring 28cm long by 7.5cm high, and since it has 2 rows, you will get 56cm of linear decoration per copy of this print. This is the length that will allow you to surround a 18cm diameter cake. So for a cake with a diameter between 19 and 36cm, please order 2 copies of this printing if you want to decorate its entire perimeter.

Finally, if your cake to decorate is not white, you can very easily cut the contours of the buildings with a cutter or scissors to melt this building decoration on your cake.

Our sugar sheet consists of a very thin layer of white icing on a plastic support that will allow you to handle it without difficulty. The impressions obtained give images with faithful, vibrant and bright colours.


  1. The printing format of your images cannot be larger than 8cm in diameter and will be truncated in ROUND if you provide your image in square. The main character or elements will then be centered in the center of the circle by our services.
  2. For best results, please provide us with your image in PNG, GIF or JPG format in 200 dpi (pixel per inch) quality.
  3. For a better rendering, prefer a bright and not too dark photo (beware of backlighting and blurry photos)
  4. The ink used (all colours are involved) and the sugar leaves are approved by the FDA (USA Edible and Drug Administration) and certified kosher (so hallal too). See attached downloadable document
  5. Frosting Sheets can be stored without any problem at room temperature for up to 6 months


To separate the sugar sheet from its plastic support, let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the ambient humidity level. For more speed, you can use a hair dryer.

By pinching one of the corners, the sugar leaf must come off the plastic support, so you can remove it and stick it on your cake.

If you wish to cut out your printed sugar sheets, we strongly recommend that you first remove them from their support and then cut them according to your wishes.

Avoid placing the sugar leaves on creams containing water or on toppings as this may cause humidity to rise

To stick your print on your sugar paste cake, you can use edible glue or CRISCO which will allow you to easily reorient the sheet on your cake without taking the risk of tearing the print

Sugar leaf ingredients: Corn starch, glucose syrup, cellulose, canola oil, potassium sorbate, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, water, polyglicerol, alginate glucose powder, fructose, sugar, gum arabic, invert sugar, citric acid. Guaranteed GMO-free. Certified Kosher.

Ingredients INK:: Black INK: water, solubilizer E1520, Humectant E422, colorants E151, E110*, E102* - Yellow INK: water, solubilizer E1520, Humectant E422, colorants E102*, E122*; Acidity regulator E330 - Red INK : water, solubilizer E1520, Humectant E422, colour E122*; Acidity regulator E330 - Blue INK: water, solubilizer E1520, Humectant E422, colour E133

The right of withdrawal may not be exercised for goods made to consumer specifications or clearly personalised.



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