Sparkling beverage dyes - 17 colors - Roxy & Rich
  • Sparkling beverage dyes - 17 colors - Roxy & Rich

Sparkling beverage dyes - 17 colors - Roxy & Rich


Discover these SPIRDUST powdered food colorings from Roxy and Rich which will be perfect to add to your drinks: cocktails, beers, wines, champagne, juices and other drinks a shiny effect which will not fail to surprise your guests.

These food colorings available in 17 colors are E171 free.

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The SPIRDUST products from ROXY and Rich without E171 are a new range of food coloring powders that will bring a shiny and sparkling effect to all your favorite drinks.

These dyes are suitable for shining and coloring your drinks : cocktails, beers, champagnes, wines, juices and other drinks.

Easy to use, simply sprinkle a little dye of your choice directly into your glass or cocktail base and stir. You will then obtain a sublime colored drink.

These dyes are 100% edible, do not change the taste of your drinks and do not stain the teeth. Video demonstration:

This jar of 1.5 g will allow you to make up to 45 glasses of 90ml approximately. Add between 0.1g and 0.7g per liter of liquid for cocktails for example. The powder will settle in the bottom after a while, you will just have to shake or stir to find this sparkling and colored effect.

You can also mix the dyes for a multitude of color combinations.

The more powder you add, the darker the drink becomes.

Capacity : 1.5 g

Available in 17 colors

Ingredients :

  • GOLD: E555, E172, E551
  • LIGHT COPPER : E555, E172
  • ERABLE ROSE : E555, E172
  • SAPPHIRE PINK : E555, E172
  • GOLDEN YELLOW : E555, E172, E551, E102
  • GOLDEN RED : E555, E172, E551, E129
  • GOLDEN BLUE : E555, E172, E551, E133
  • GOLDEN GREEN : E555, E172, E551, E133, E102
  • SILVER PEARL : E555, E551, E172
  • PURPLE : E555, E551, E172, E123, E133
  • PINK : E555, E551, E172, E133
  • BLUE: E555, E551, E172, E133
  • GREEN: E555, E551, E172, E102, E132, E133
  • RED: E555, E551, E172, E129
  • ORANGE: E555, E551, E172, E110
  • YELLOW : E555, E551, E172, E102
  • INDIGO BLUE: E555, E551, E172, E132
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