Sugar paste SMARTFLEX colors 250g
  • Sugar paste SMARTFLEX colors 250g
  • Sugar paste SMARTFLEX colors 250g

Sugar paste SMARTFLEX colors 250g


Discover the fantastic SMARFLEX sugar paste that cake designers have been waiting for ! It has an incomparable elasticity, a satin texture, does not stick, crack or tear, is resistant to humidity and heat and has an exquisite vanilla taste. Moreover, it is the only sugar paste that does not contain titanium dioxide.

Capacity: 250g

Available in several colors.

This sugar paste is available in 1kg here.

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Discover the exclusive SMARTLEX Velvet sugar paste with a great vanilla taste.

This high quality sugar paste will allow you to cover your highest cakes with ease, thanks to its ability to spread very thinly without cracking or tearing (see video).

It has many assets: a satin texture, an incomparable elasticity, a resistance to heat and humidity (it is 'tropical' and the covered cakes can be kept in the refrigerator), it does not stick and has a pleasant vanilla taste!

Capacity: 250g.

Available in several colors.

Ingredients white + White almond taste: sugar , glucose syrup , water , vegetable fats (coconut , hydrogenated palm kernel), modified starch : potato starch, thickener : xanthan gum, flavour, preservative : potassium sorbate, acidity regulator : citric acid.

Colorants according to the colors :

  • Black : E153
  • Green e153 : glycerol , propylene glycol , coloring E102
  • Baby blue : glycerol, propylene glycol, coloring E133, emulsifier E551
  • Baby Pink : glycerol , propylene glycol , colorant E122
  • Brown : glycerol , propylene glycol , colorant E102 , E122
  • Blue glycerol , propylene glycol , colorant E133 , emulsifier E551
  • Yellow glycerol , propylene glycol , E102
  • Red glycerol , propylene glycol , colorant E129 , emulsifier E551
  • Green grass emulsifier E551 , E102
  • Orange e102 , E129

Suggested storage: 16-23 ° C, away from sunlight, keep in a dry place, and seal well in an airtight bag. After opening, the unused product should be returned to its original packaging to avoid drying out.

Allergen information: gluten and lactose free. Does not contain any allergens.

This sugar paste is available in 1 kg here.

Demonstration videos :

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