Sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU white 10 kg View larger
Sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU white 10 kg

Sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU white 10 kg



35,90 € tax incl.

Here it is at last and it's GREAT! The sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU White in 10 kg! Its texture and its taste are amazing... and its price is not expensive either!

Easy to work with, delicious vanilla taste, this sugar paste will cover your cakes without cracking. Certified Kosher, Halal, Gluten free, e171 free and palm oil free, it is the best value for money sugar paste.

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Kosher Halal Gluten-free Vegetarian Vegan


Since January 1, 2020, by the French decree of April 17, 2019 in the Official Journal No. 0097 ECOC1911549A, food products containing titanium dioxide (also called E171 or TiO2), used to color foodstuffs in white, do not should no longer be consumed. This is French law, not European law.

Titanium dioxide is therefore no longer edible in France but nevertheless remains non-toxic. French law also still authorizes the use of E171 in medicines and cosmetic products (eg toothpaste).

Thus, like any other non-food but non-toxic reference on our site, this product should not be eat and should only be used for decorative purposes.

Finally, note that we are working hard so that the manufacturer can provide us with their products as soon as possible in a version without E171. Thank you for your understanding and support ;-)

More info de Sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU white 10 kg

We are very proud to present you the sugar paste of the brand PLANETE GATEAUhere in 10 Kg. The result of many years of experience and listening to our customers' needs

TRY IT, you will literally love it !

It has all the qualities of a great covering sugar paste: elasticity, suppleness, texture, taste, bright colours, certified Halal, Kosher, gluten free, tropical, e171 free, one of the few to be PALM OIL FREE and also suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan diets. And with all this, a really low price!

This sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU is different from Renshaw Extra, Smartflex, SaracinoSugaria, FunCakes or Massaticino. Specialists will find a strong resemblance with the brands Silkytop, Kelmy or SugarQueen.

Smooth and soft texture, it is very flexible and elastic. It does not crack, and is super malleable. Easy to spread on a cake, and stays smooth. It is not sticky and can be spread as many times as you like. It does not stick to plastic surfaces

It has a slight vanilla aroma. Excellent flavor, all colors are vanilla flavor, not sugar flavor.

Due to thecompliance of the law prohibiting E171 (bleaching dye) in France we would like to inform you that the white color is slightly ecru

Also available here in all colours in 250g packaging.

To obtain even more precise colours, you can either mix the doughs together or tint them with food colouring gel. You can also transform this cover sugar paste into modelling paste or flower paste, simply by adding CMC/tylose (1cc for 250g of paste).

Here is a table showing you the quantities of sugar paste you need to cover your cakes according to their diameter and height:

Round cakes

7.5 cm high

10 cm high

15 cm high

400 gr

510 g

20 cm high

500 gr

680 gr

25 cm

770 gr

1 kg

30 cm

1 kg

1,4 kg

35 cm

1,5 kg

2 kg

40 cm

2,4 kg

3 kg

Square cakes

7,5 cm high

10 cm high

15 cm high

50 gr

680 gr

20 cm high

750 gr

1 kg

25 cm

1 kg

1,350 kg

30 cm

1,5 kg

1,8 kg

35 cm

2,1 kg

2,3 kg

40 cm

2,6 kg

3,4 kg


  • If your dough is sticky, sprinkle a little cornstarch or icing sugar on your work surface.
  • If your dough is too dry or crumbly take a dab of Crisco and knead until your dough is soft again.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (sunflower oil), water, stabilisers (E-422 and E-415), soya lecithin, anti-caking agent (E-551), rice starch, acidifier (E-334), preservative (E-202), colour e170 and flavour. May contain traces of milk and derived products)

The sugar paste PLANETE GATEAU is certified CASHER, HALLAL, Gluten free, compatible with vegetarian and vegan diets

Capacity: 10 kg.

NOTE: Despite the special care we take to protect it, the packaging of this item (plastic bucket), can be damaged during transport
Thus, this bucket can sometimes arrive cracked but this does not alter the conservation of the sugar paste. This bucket is more for practical storage purposes, as the sugar paste is kept in the plastic bag surrounding the sugar paste. Finally, if the plastic bag is damaged, any quality plastic bag can be used as a replacement. The most important thing is that the bag is closed as tightly as possible.




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