Massa Ticino sugar paste colors 250g
  • Massa Ticino sugar paste colors 250g
  • Massa Ticino sugar paste colors 250g
  • Massa Ticino sugar paste colors 250g

Massa Ticino sugar paste colors 250g


The excellence of the sugar paste created by CARMA since 1963 in Switzerland, Massa Ticino offers the following major advantages

  • INCREDIBLE: no cracking or crazing during the covering process
  • Suitable for TROPICALS and refrigerator resistant!
  • Gluten free, milk free and without any artificial coloring
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Zero cholesterol

Available in several colors.

Capacity: 250g

This sugar paste is available in 1 kg here.

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You may have heard of the famous Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste, developed in Switzerland by CARMA® in 1963.

Considered by many to be the elite of sugar paste, the uniqueness of Massa Ticino colors lies in the fact that they are of natural origin and contain no azo dyes or animal products, while having the following main advantage:

Its handling is literally exceptional compared to anything else on the market! It is the perfect choice for covering your cakes, because of its great elasticity. It will not tear or crack when used. No more elephant skin effect! It smoothes out for a perfect finish and dries to a crispy shell and an exceptional taste in the mouth.

STRONG POINTS of Massa Ticino :

  • INCREDIBLE: almost no cracks and fissures when covering or modeling. It can be spread very thinly, up to 1.5mm thick!
  • Suitable for TROPIQUES.
  • Your cake can be stored in the refrigerator!
  • Glutenfree, milk free and without any artificial coloring
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Zero cholesterol

Guide  de  mélange  couleurs  Massa  Ticino

Using the 9 colors that the brand makes, you can create up to 100 Pantone colors. To do this, Massa ticino has put together a great tool that will allow you to know immediately what mixes to make to get the exact color you want. Click on the image above to use the tool:

It's very easy to use; just mix and spread with a non-stick roller to cover your cakes and pieces.

Quantities to cover your cakes:

Round cakes

7.5 cm high

10 cm high

15 cm high

400 gr

510 gr

20 cm high

500 gr

680 gr

25 cm

770 gr

1 kg

30 cm

1 kg

1,4 kg

35 cm

1,5 kg

2 kg

40 cm

2,4 kg

3 kg


  • If your dough is sticky, sprinkle a little cornstarch or powdered sugar on your work surface.
  • If your dough is too dry or crumbly, take a dab of Crisco and knead until your dough is fairly soft.

Indients : White sugar, glucose syrup, water, hydrogenated vegetable fat, tragacanth, sunflower oil, glycerol, citric acid, sorbic acid, natural flavor.

Colorants :

  • Yellow yellow : coloring : Curcumin, caramelized sugar syrup, vanillin.
  • White vanillin.
  • Ivory: caramelized sugar syrup, vanillin.
  • Red dried glucose syrup, sweet potato concentrate, coloring agent: E160a, plant extracts, black carrot concentrate, vanillin.
  • Green spirulina extract, coloring agents: copper chlorophyllin complex, curcumin, vanillin.
  • Purple spirulina extract, vanillin.
  • Pink colouring agent: anthocyanins.
  • Blue spirulina extract, vanillin.
  • Brown cocoa powder, vanillin.
  • Black caramel syrup

May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds and soy.

HALAL CERTIFIED PRODUCT (see certification in PJ)

Store in a dry place away from heat and light

Available in several colors.

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