Wilton Roll & Cut Sugar Paste Mats

Wilton Roll & Cut Sugar Paste Mats



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Wilton Roll & Cut pastry mat to spread and cut sugar dough, marzipan dough, gumpaste...

Non-stick and large size: 59 x 60 cm.

Also useful for spreading all kinds of dough for cakes, biscuits, pie dough....

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Wilton Roll & Cut Mat work mats. Made of non-stick synthetic material to measure, spread and cut sugar paste, marzipan paste, gumpaste or any other paste.

The mat has printed circles with markers to easily determine the exact size of sugar paste to cover your cake and square lines for cutting accuracy.

Tips for use:

* Sprinkle the Mat with a little icing sugar or grease it with a little vegetable fat (Crisco).

* Place the sugar paste/ gumpaste/ marzipan paste on your Mat and spread it with a non-stick roller

* Cut shapes with a knife, cutting wheel or cookie cutter

Tip: If the mat does not stay in place, simply moisten the back side of the mat and glue it to the work surface to prevent it from slipping

Dimensions: 59 x 60 cm.

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