Cupcake Toppers with name x10 - Face Angel Writing View larger
6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla
6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla 6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla 6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla 6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla 6 Toppers à cupcake Personnalisés Ecriture Charilla

Cupcake Toppers with name x10 - Face Angel Writing

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Dazzle your friends and family with this pack of 10 personalized cupcake toppersthat will be displayed on your muffins! Choose from our 7 colors of rigid, food contact cardstock.

This model of topper cupcake Toppers will have your text, first name, age or initials written in FACE ANGEL calligraphy style. You can even ask us to add a shape from 5 choices.

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More info de Cupcake Toppers with name x10 - Face Angel Writing

The must-have for decorating your muffins: personalized cupcake toppers with the name, calligraphy style FACE ANGEL, and design of your choice! This model of topper cupcake toppers will have the first name, age or a short text, written with the Charilla font. To get an idea of the final result, you can see in the images of this product sheet, a visual of each letter of this font.

Here is a video presentation to help you better imagine the rendering:

You will also find on our site several other designs of topper for super original cupcake... You will literally love "poking" your cupcakes with this innovation that will leave your guests speechless!

To get this set of 10 personalized cupcake toppers, simply provide us withthe text of your choice, less than 8 characters, as well as your selection among our 7 colors of cardboard paper:

  • White Pearl Satin
  • Black Matte
  • Dark Brown Satin, lightly glittered with gold
  • Pale blue (baby blue) matte
  • Pale Pink (Pale Pink) Matte
  • Satin Gold Matte
  • Mirror effect silver

With our Cupcake designs Toppermodels, you can further customize your design by asking us to integrate one of the following 5 patterns into your topper a heart, a star, a flower, a teddy bear or a crown (see example in the product images). You will love it ;-)

Here are the 3 important things to know and to take into account:

  1. The width of each topper the width of each cupcakewill be about 6cm so that it can visually fit a standard cupcake size. Thus, the height and thickness of the letters will vary directly according to the length of your text (name, age...). The longer the text, the lower and thinner the letters will be. This is why we limit the text to 8 characters
  2. A pick will be automatically integrated below the text so that you can stick the toppers in the top of your cupcakes. The spikes are about 5mm wide and 5cm long, which will allow the topper this will allow the toppers to remain rigid and stand upright on your cupcakes.
  3. Even though the paper that makes up the topper is very rigid (450mg/m2) and food contact, it is highly recommended to stick the toppers in your cupcakes just before presenting them to your guests. Indeed, depending on the humidity of your cupcake fillings (curd, jam, whipped cream, etc...), the spike will become softer and softer the more it is in contact with the filling. And if you don't have the choice of sticking them in several hours beforehand, just stick a small wooden toothpick behind the pick! This way, you won't have to worry about the topper will sag over time ;-)

All the toppers are cut in our customization workshop in France, with a laser cutting machine ranked among the best in the world thanks to its precision and sharpness of cutting and engraving.

In terms of customization for pastry and cake design, the workshop Planète Gâteau also offers you to personalize other objects:

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NOTE: As this is a graphic design, please note that the photo on this product sheet (the one with a cupcake) is not contractual. Thus, even if it will be very similar, it is normal that there is a slight difference in appearance with the topper received.

IMPORTANT: The right of withdrawal can not be exercised for this product made to measure and personalized according to the regulations of the consumer.