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Stylus to royal icing Paasche with 4 Sockets
Stylus to royal icing Paasche with 4 Sockets Stylus to royal icing Paasche with 4 Sockets

Royal Paasche Glazing Pen with 4 piping tips


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So that your designs and royal icing shapes on your cakes are simply perfect!

With this revolutionary Paasche stylus, all your shapes and writing in Royal Glaze or edible lace will simply touch perfection. Saving time and money guaranteed!

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The Paasche pen has been specially designed to facilitate the use of the "Piping", a royal icing pattern, on cakes. You will save time, like an experienced decorator, and will give a perfect decoration to your cakes in no time at all.

Just like an airbrush, but without the need for an electric compressor, the Paasche pen works with a simple "trigger" that you squeeze each time you want to let a fine and regular stream of icing through. This makes it easy to get the right decoration the first time you use it!

The Paasche Pen kit includes 4 piping tips of different diameters, each marked with a different number of rings to indicate the size of its diameter: 1 ring for the smallest, 4 rings for the largest. This means that you can adapt the fineness of the glazing line according to the size of the piping tip.

The pen works via the pressure of your finger, which means it does not need a compressor and therefore does not need to be connected to the power supply. You can take it anywhere and use it even for touch-ups in areas of your cake that are difficult to access. It is also perfect for demonstrations in exhibitions where the perfection of the decoration of your icing is an important factor.

With the Paasche stylus you can create patterns with sharp and precise contours. No more need for your piping tips pockets, which saves you a lot of time and money. The controlled management of the royal icing that will come out of the stylus will also result in a waste-free use of your raw materials.

The Paasche pen was mainly designed for royal icing, but can be perfectly used to draw with many other materials such as edible lace, chocolate, or pipping gel.

Kit contents :

1 Glazing pen

4 piping tips

1 pressure cup

Demonstration video:

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