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Dummy cake hexagonal shape
  • Dummy cake hexagonal shape

Dummy cake hexagonal shape

The cake dummies are fake cakes made of polystyrene - fake cakes. This hexagonal model will allow you to enlarge your cake and give it more size by adding one or more fake layers.

Available in 2 sizes: 25 and 35 cm.

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These hexagonal shaped dummies will be perfect to create fake tiers. You can also glue several dummies for a trendy and original wedding cake in height!

You can also create a whole cake in dummies, very easy to keep, to decorate a window, a buffet reception ..

Thanks to the cake dummy you can :

- practice putting sugar paste on a cake, to avoid waste and save time and money

- test a cake or cake mount decoration before making the real thing

- make cakes and candy dishes (in this case, the dummy will be used as a support in which you will prick your candies)

- give more height (and therefore more effect) to a wedding cake when there are not enough people to eat :)

- make fake cakes to decorate a window, a reception buffet...

The advantage of these dummy cakes is to make fake cakes, which will keep for a long time

Available in 2 sizes: 25 and 35 cm.

How to cover a dummy with sugar paste:

  • EITHER apply a little water with a brush or even better with a spray bottle :) and then put your sugar paste in the usual way
  • OR coat the dummy with CRISCO and cover it in the usual way. In this case, the sugar paste will be easier to remove if you want to reuse your dummy after having stored it
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