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"Such a wedding dress, a"Wrap"come sublimated the presentation of your cupcakes" and another muffins. You will play with patterns cut, colours and textures : Your Cupcakes will be a real pleasure for the eyes with these contours decorated !The Wrap is ultimately a kind of cupcake liners but is mainly used to a much more elegant and stylish presentation.

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24 contours to glittery gold cupcakes
3,75 €
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Set of 24 glittery GOLD cupcake contours to place around your muffins, cupcakes and other gourmet cupcakes. Ideal for a chic decoration, for a birthday, a wedding or for Valentine's Day for example!

3,75 €
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12 cups cupcake money contour WRAP
4,08 €
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Set of 12 cupcake boxes, called WRAP, serrated and starry SILVER-colored contours that will beautifully adorn your cupcakes and muffins. Ideal for holiday and Christmas themes.

4,08 €
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