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Planet cake offers here a super full range of all equipment, tools and accessories for the modeling of sugar paste and cake decorating and some other pastry.On the menu, you will find the material of food impressions, spatulas, Straighteners, silicone mouldsprint textured, carpet to lace food, rolls sold by and taking parts in piston, stencils, crimpers, casings, scalpels, etc...

Short, whatever it takes in a Kit tool for novice bakers or professional for work of the precise, clean, and efficient sugar paste.

Modelling of pastry and Cake Design and decoration material

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Decoration material


  • Best of Cake Design

    Essential items for CAKE DESIGN

    Planete specializes in providing Cake Design equipment. But where the huge choice of products offered is our strength, some may also be confused to start.

    That's why we created this category listing the ULTRA BEST OF products and items that every Cake Designer must have in their magic kit: Sugar paste, Round CakeBoard, Dummy, Sugar sprinkles, Gel or powder food coloring, major ingredients, cake baking moulds, silicone modeling moulds, cake boxes, cookie cutters.....

    All Cake Designers have almost all of these Cake Design items in their workshop and allow them to design their cake and other assembled pieces for our most beautiful parties!



    Electrical appliances for baking, sieves, bain-marie pans, chichi press, etc... you will find all the basic baking equipment here. A well-equipped pastry cook is an efficient and happy pastry cook ;-)

    Our selection of pastry equipment and utensils at the best prices. We have selected for you these pastry utensils and accessories of professional quality and for their handiness.

  • Utensils of decoration


    A wide range of tools to help you in your cake decorating in sugar paste: bottle decoration, studio background "BackDrop", extruders of tools shaping balls, punch, distributor of dough, sugar paste, dispenser of sugar ice, cutting wheel, scissors...In short, everything that you need in your hardware kit to Baker CAKE Designer!

  • Airbrushes and accessories equipment

    Airbrushes, compressors and the equipment necessary for their proper functioning to paint your cakes with precision and originality. You will find in this category also spare parts.

    Airbrush is a paint gun also edible but will allow you to paint a large surface of cake while giving gradient, and shadow effects to create details of great finesse. According to the pressure on the trigger of the stylus, you can do a job more where less precise.

    Your cakes will become a true edible painting canvas and dazzle your guests. You can paint with your airbrush on almost any type of food support: sugar, sugar, Wafer Paper paste (leaf Unleavened /feulle of rice) or same royal icing. 

    Some excellent videos and tutorials are available in the product sheets and on our blog to help you familiarize yourself with your device.

  • Cape pastry equipment


    Planet cake here offers the equipment and other products that surely you need to get your Cape PASTRY degree.Whether in free candidate or in school

    We can provide you with the exact products requested in the official list of products to bring the CAP PIN. 

  • Piping TIPS and BAGS


    Here you will find all kind of pastry casings, stainless or or plastic: whether with cream to butter, royal icing whipped cream. 

    We offer very fine hole Sockets models for writing or make pearls wider outputs for thick cake borders in sugar paste. Russian tips for flowers or dresses of princesses tips grounds grass topping or braiding, or Piping Tips for traditional baking such as to shove cupcakes...

    Holy lamp holders or honored. In terms of pockets to Sockets you will find models batch from 12 to 100 units disposable or reusable pockets mono or doutputs  transparent pockets or professionnels anti-slip.

    Not to mention all the accessories such as adapters, the turbinates of writing brushes cleaning and even complete kit of several Sockets. Different sizes and patterns of pastry casings and Piping Tips pockets for a work always in details in order to work your creams, display and other.

  • Taking parts and CUTTERS


    Have fun you give forms the most original than the other to your pastry creations Thanks to our range of cutters and cookie cutters stainless or plastic for your cakescookiescookies, sugar paste and almond paste.You find including the basic forms of away pieces in many sizes and diameters : round circlesquare, heart or cutters in the shape of stars. But also of the cutters in the shape of Letter of alphabets, of animals, of away pieces for farea flowers and even a kit to assemble edible 3D objects such as houses of gingerbread for Christmas.

  • Edible PRINTING material


    You will find here everything what you need for you teamr and do it yourself your edible printing sheet : Dedicated printer and tcompatible Estee food printing forLeaves of sugar, Matzo sheets, cartridges already pre filled with edible ink, empty to fill cartridges, bottles of inks food... and even a KIT we We even, and that already contains all the necessary to startYou will make real food, entirely edible, impressions at the top of your cakes in dough sugar : Pastry made-to-measure incarnate!

  • MOLDS molding silicone

    Moulds for sugar paste modelling

    Planet cake offers a very wide range of moulds modelling for a sugar dough, chocolate or even silicone Isomalt to give transparency. They allow you to shape your raw material rich in detail. Some molds flowers to the mussels clowns passing by mussels animals and letters, you will find here the mould of your dreams!We have also chosen to offer you tools to give texture to your massages as well as tools to create yourself your own molds!Ideally we recommend that you use these silicone molds with of gumpaste or by adding the CMC to your sugar paste. Being more flexible sugar dough, it may lose its shape to the demoulding and especially never harden.

    Customize your cakes simply

    What better way to create a unique cake

    that by decorating it with massages in dough in sugar or gumpaste you have created yourself?

    You realize a pastry creation for friends who are waiting for a happy event? For thebirthday of a loved one

     ? Every event, every opportunity has its mould suitable! You can give free rein to your imagination and create real masterpieces that will appeal to young and old. Thanks to our moulds, customize your cakes is at hand and easy as pie! How to use the moulds?First step: heat your sugar paste. To do this, mix the and form a ball. Collect the desired amount, form again once a ball or a pudding according to the mould used.

    Then, sprinkle your pan of icing sugar or cornstarch so that the dough in sugar (or gumpaste

    ) does not stick. Flatten it


    until the mold is filled with dough to cut off the excess with a knife. Remove from pan, and there you have your ready to use modelling!When you are told that it is very simple ! How finaliSER his massages?

    You want to go further? Our carpet textures modelling are there for you! They allow you to add ribs on your massages of leaves or a texture of wool on the clothes of your characters. Give the royal treatment to your cupcakes with print lace.

    If you did not yet understood, planet cake offers you all the tools to customize up your birthday cakes, cakes for weddings but also your everyday cakes! So go ahead and take the plunge!


  • MODELLING tools


    Here you will find everything you need in your Cake Designer Toolkit in order to effectively work the dough sugar : Of the Daubs veineurs of different forms for your flowers or to make the footprint of a shell, sculpt the faces your characters divide petals, wheels to reproduce the patterns of seamscomplete kit of tools balls.Pastry and Cake Design never as fusional as in this category!



    The little detail that changes everything, choose a pattern of pliers for Emboss (crimpers in English) and pinch the dough sugar on a regular basis all around your cake and... le pattern appears.

    These clamps crimpers metal and brand SME will allow you to decorate the top of your cakescupcakes and other pastries. Elegance and good taste by excellence that uses any cake designer.

  • Cake designer BRUSHES


    Here you will find all the brushes possible, both for traditional pastry, but especially for fine work of painting on cake. For novice or a professional Cake Designer, we offer different sizes of brushes: whether for powers paint of big things in very small details (size 00) on your cakes, faces in page sugarflowers in sugar and characters.Also here you can find lare famous Eraser brushes Silicone for the massages on your characters in sugar paste. But also small sponges to print search and innovative effects on your cakes and other pastries.

    You will be as an artist on his canvas... sugar!

  • Turn Table and GANACHE

    Turns Table and GANACHE disc

    Here you will find 2 types of products ranging from pairs: rotating trays which will allow you to manipulate and sculpt effectively your cake with precision, and acrylic discs perfect for your cake with angles ganacherRotating trays pastry that allow you to turn your cake as you cover it with sugar paste, him smooth and thus saves you from constantly having to lean over.Transparent acrylic disks dough perfectly right angles - and this fact sugar 100% net after coverage - on your cakes cake design.



    The stencils are perfect to decorate cakes in sugar paste cookies, cupcakespies and other pastries.They can be used with Royal icing, dyes in powder, cream butter, icing sugar or your airbrush to create the design of your masterpiece. Guide of use hereIn your kitchen, decorate your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and rolls with beautiful stencils  for food contact. These stencils are made to help you to easily reach beautiful patterns according to the theme of your cake: Christmas, winter, Baroque Wedding Cakes, love Valentine, characters from cartoons, etc.

  • Texture MAT and PATTERN


    We offer here a smooth rolling pins to roll out your dough sugartextured and carpet silicone print rollers your dough in sugar for a specific reason, but also the embosseurs to create the famous quilted effect on floors your confection in sugar paste. The reasons and the most popular textures and innovative are proposed here: effect quilted, Valentine hearts, oriental, fabric texture, brick wall, pea pattern effect, leaf print of ostrich skin, crocodile, snake, wood effect, checkered, etc..Your sugar dough will take the appearance of your dream in minutes!

  • SCALPELS and knives

    SCALPELS for dough has sugar and knives the

    Scalpels to make a work of precision on your sugar paste modelling dough, almond paste. Opt for a modellingknife The interchangeable blades. The handle is metal for excellent strength and long-lasting use. Scalpels (scalpel) allow you with their fine and fixed blade a cut of your dough to extremely precise gumpaste or sugar. Not to mention the knives to cut out your puff properly. You will also find here lyres for sawing your puff  cake in a way specific to a regular height.

  • Spatulas and Straighteners


    Them Spatulas artistic conical (bent) or right will accompany you in all your work in sugar paste modelling and paste to flowers. They have the ideal size to take off your decorations of the work plan and lift them gently without deforming them before be pasted on your cake. Spatulas to spread your ganachescream butter or rather give them relief with patterns.The Straighteners for sugar dough allow to work the angles and sides

    your cake covered with sugar paste. The surface and the contours of your cakes will now have a nice surface perfectly smooth and United flawless, perfect base for decoration! Worthy of a professional result :).And not to mention pastry horns for those who want to do nothing waste in their work of pastry.

  • Silicone lace carpet


    Everything you need to make beautiful fine lace sugar. And including superb carpets and silicone moulds to achieve dozens of food lace pattern different and who will be placed on your cakes CAKE DESIGN and other pastry creations.Sugar lace silicone mats allow you to create beautiful edible lace transforming your cakes in real jewels. It will give your baking a touch of refinement to the royal spirit.You can also cut out lace and use the designs separately: to stick on your sugar paste cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, cakepops or cookies matching. Lace sugar mixture

     will be attached to the covered dough cake sugar with a little glue food or the piping gel. 


There are 1148 products.

Showing 1-60 of 1148 item(s)