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Planet cake offers here a super full range of all equipment, tools and accessories for the modeling of sugar paste and cake decorating and some other pastry.On the menu, you will find the material of food impressions, spatulas, Straighteners, silicone mouldsprint textured, carpet to lace food, rolls sold by and taking parts in piston, stencils, crimpers, casings, scalpels, etc...

Short, whatever it takes in a Kit tool for novice bakers or professional for work of the precise, clean, and efficient sugar paste.

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Sale Cakecraft LED work light
26,60 € 33,25 € -20%
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White LED work lamp with adjustable positioning to make it easier for you to work on your delicate models and sugar flowers for example. No annoying shadows thanks to its white light for perfect results on your cakes!

26,60 € 33,25 € -20%
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