Piping TIPS and BAGS


Here you will find all kind of pastry casings, stainless or or plastic: whether with cream to butter, royal icing whipped cream. 

We offer very fine hole Sockets models for writing or make pearls wider outputs for thick cake borders in sugar paste. Russian tips for flowers or dresses of princesses tips grounds grass topping or braiding, or Piping Tips for traditional baking such as to shove cupcakes...

Holy lamp holders or honored. In terms of pockets to Sockets you will find models batch from 12 to 100 units disposable or reusable pockets mono or doutputs  transparent pockets or professionnels anti-slip.

Not to mention all the accessories such as adapters, the turbinates of writing brushes cleaning and even complete kit of several Sockets. Different sizes and patterns of pastry casings and Piping Tips pockets for a work always in details in order to work your creams, display and other.

A range full pastry Pinping Tips and bags

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Piping TIPS and BAGS


There are 88 products.

Showing 1-60 of 88 item(s)

At first glance, decorating cakes and desserts seems like a very technical exercise, but in the end, you just need to be well equipped to achieve magnificent results. Do you want to make beautiful pockets in various shapes to dazzle your guests? Discover all the utensils you need on Planète Gâteau. We have a wide selection of pastry nozzles as well as pastry bags to meet all needs. The most commonly used pastry nozzles are those designed with a round tip, more or less wide. You can use them to make dots, lines, writings or to make buttons.

They are also used to poach cabbages. Fluted tips are also one of the most classic of these pastry utensils. With their toothed tip, they allow you to make stars or flowers, but also meringues or topping your cupcakes. Discover on Planète Gâteau pastry nozzles with unusual shapes to make decorations worthy of a real pro. We have lapping sleeves characterized by one toothed side and the other smooth. They're perfect for quick icing, waves, or braiding. For cake borders, find on our department many sizes of corrugated tips.

There are also petal sockets, star sockets, flower sockets, leaf sockets, multi-opening sockets, etc. In order to meet all requirements, our pastry nozzles are available in stainless steel and plastic. If stainless steel nozzles are acclaimed by professional pastry chefs, it is because they are hygienic, durable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, plastic sockets have the advantage of being very practical, especially in terms of cleaning.

They are perfect for occasional use. Inseparable from pastry nozzles, the pastry bag is also an essential ally of all pastry chefs. We offer you a wide range of piping bags from different brands. Our articles are, in addition, of professional quality. So you can decorate your cakes and garnish your culinary preparations like a real pro. On Planète Gâteau you will find disposable plastic piping bags, perfectly hygienic and suitable for all uses. They are, moreover, the most common and the cheapest. Some of our products are made with an anti-slip texture for easier handling. Reusable piping bags are also available on our department.

Users appreciate them for the good handling they offer as well as their longevity and robustness. Various accessories for making your cake decorations are also available. On our site you will find writing cones, piping bag holders or nozzle cleaning brushes. Our complete decorating kits come with multiple pastry nozzles and piping bags so you can create various designs, perfect for any occasion.

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