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Discover here all our birthday or wedding cake accessories that we customize for you, in our wonder workshop Planet Cake. They will help you to make your cakes and other pastries even more extraordinary and will definitely make a lasting impression on all your guests. On the program, there are :

  • Personalized food prints via your images or our pre-designed masks on many different themes,
  • Personalised transfer sheets for meringues, chocolates or isomalt,
  • Hundreds of Cake models topper personalized with the first name of your loved ones, in acrylic or wood. A huge choice of materials and colours,
  • custom stamps to emboss your texts, patterns and logo on your cookies and sugar dough,
  • custom stencils to create perfect patterns and designs on the sides of your cakes with our food colouring powders or sprays.
  • personalized giant stickers for cake board graphically adapted to your cakes and which will completely cover your presentation trays, etc...
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Batons personnalisés pour Popsicles , magnum cakes , ou glaces
11,90 €
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Make Popsicles,Magnum cakes orIce creams with our acrylicsticks entirely . Present your sweets on sticks engraved with the name or message of your choice. 5 possible writing styles! Available in 2 different shapes (straight or flared) and in several colours and materials (acrylic, wood, mirror) Delivered in batches of 10 or 14 sticks depending on the...

11,90 €
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