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Planète Gateau, passionate Cake Designers above all!

While Cake Design, a clever mix of culinary art and artistic creation aimed at embellishing cakes during competitions or in the private setting, has existed in Great Britain since the 1980s, it did not come of age in France since the early 2010s.

This is why a couple of Cake Designer having found it difficult to find a French platform on which to obtain the necessary equipment to practice their passion launched Planète Gâteau in 2012. Planète Gateau is one today one of the main supplier of Cake Design tools and materials active in France.

Top-of-the-range pastry equipment and ingredients

To make good pastry, it is necessary to use good decoration material and use quality ingredients. On Planète Gâteau, we are committed to providing you with quality tools, which will not hamper your talent. For example, we offer a wide choice of cake molds of any type, able to meet all your needs: round cooking molds, square cooking molds, fancy cooking molds ... You will find everything you need in our dedicated selection!

Obviously, you will need more material than that to progress. To go further, for example you might consider opting for a pastry airbrush. For those who are not familiar with the world of cake design, the airbrush is an edible paint gun that will elegantly paint large surfaces on the largest cakes. In order to help you, we offer for example airbrushes. Do not forget the airbrush stencils that go with it!

To use this spray gun, you will obviously need to acquire the food coloring and food paints necessary for its use. On Planète Gâteau, you will find a wide choice of various food coloring, for any type of use: powdered food coloring, chocolate coloring, sugar paste coloring.

Everything you need to decorate your cakes and practice cake design!

Because in pastry making, pleasure comes as much from contemplation as from tasting, Planète Gâteau is committed to making designer cake accessible to everyone. Indeed, for special occasions in particular, it is normal to want to show off your latest creation. This is why we notably offer birthday cake decorations or decorations of Christmas logs that will enhance your kitchen.

For example, to personalize your cake, why not opt ​​for photo printing on sugar paste? This will add a touch of personality to your creation, in addition to impressing all your guests. We offer a wide choice of variations for these personalized food impressions, so feel free to browse and discover all the possibilities we have in stock! We also offer transfer sheets on purchase, for the most advanced users.

The basis of the cake decoration, however, remains the sugar paste . Without it, it is impossible to really practice Cake Design, since it is it that we will handle and work on during the cake making. We offer quality sugar paste of all types: ready-to-apply sugar paste, black sugar paste, golden sugar paste ... But beyond all these variants, we are particularly proud to offer you our own sugarpaste, the sugar paste Planète Gateau sugar . Do not hesitate to test it and give us your feedback!

Finally, you should know that Planète Gâteau is not just an online sales site: the site also has its own pastry blog and its regular bloggers, on which innovative tutorials are posted to learn more and more about Cake Design. Whether you are just starting out or have already rolled your bump in the middle of the cake design, you will find a new recipe to try out within these pages.