Decoration Cake VAIANA Moana

Decorate your cake on the theme of VAIANA

Find all the universe of the VAIANA cartoon. The islands, the sea, the jungle, all the landscapes of Tahiti with a colorful nature. On the program, find here candles, Unleaded discs cake board, Sugar discs,, Sprinkles, Felts and Food Spray, Plastic figurines or Sugar characters, personalized toppers and cake contours that will decorate your child's birthday cake on the Disney theme of the animated film "VIANA" or"MOANA".

Vaiana cake decoration

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Decoration Cake VAIANA Moana


There are 15 products.

Showing 1-15 of 15 item(s)

The "Vaiana" franchise is an animated film franchise produced by Disney studios. The film tells the story of Vaiana, a brave young girl who sails the South Pacific to save her people from starvation and destruction by reuniting with the goddess Te Fiti.

The appeal to children of the "Vaiana" franchise lies in the protagonist, a strong, independent young girl who pursues her dreams and overcomes obstacles. The character of Moana is very inspiring for children, and her journey is presented in a way that is both impressive and fun.

Plus, the film features a wonderful ocean and island world filled with bright colors, upbeat music, and likable characters, like Maui, the demigod who accompanies Moana on her quest.

The "Vaiana" franchise was also widely marketed, with a wide variety of derivative products such as toys, clothing and accessories. This lets kids extend their fun outside of the movie, creating role-play and adventures with Moana toys or wearing character-themed clothing.

If your child loves Moana, we can only recommend that you create a personalized cake in the colors of this inspiring character with Planet Cake decorations. Do not hesitate, for example, to take your child on your knees and show him the products available on this category page: we are sure that he will find decorations that will interest him to personalize his Moana cake!

Preparing the cake could also be a fun project to do as a family, both to introduce your child to the joys of cooking and to see him marvel little by little as he sees the final shape of the cake taking shape. But you could also choose to order everything and prepare everything on your side in order to make the most of his surprise joy when discovering the finished cake!

In a nutshell, our Moana cake toppers will inspire and delight your child, so don't wait any longer and place your order now!