FOOT and Sports cake decoration

Cakes and Pastries on FOOTBALL and other Sports

If you are asked what is the sport most practiced and loved in France by young and old alike? It's football of course! Here you will find everything you need to decorate birthday cakes and other pastries on the theme of football for fans and football fans but also on other sports such as basketball, rugby and more ...

On the program, you will find here candles, unleaded or sugar discs personalized and printed with the emblems and logos of the most prestigious teams(OM, PSG OL, for France and Barça, Réal de Madrid, Juventus and others for the international), unleaded soccer field plaques to put on your cake, cake board, Sprinkles, Felts and Food Spray, cake contours , cut-outs in the shape of balls, jerseys and players, cut-outs for making football shoes, baking moulds for cakes in the shape of a football jersey to be covered with sugar dough, personalized Toppers, plastic football team figures with their cage, candles in the shape of a ball, etc.

In short, you won't lack anything to make your FOOT cake! GO, GO, GO !!! ;-)

Birthday cake decoration football and other sports

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FOOT and Sports cake decoration


There are 104 products.

Showing 1-60 of 104 item(s)

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