Dance cake decoration

Decorate your cake on the theme of DANCE

Discover the little girls' favourite world, a glamorous world of dancer and dancer's, with its girly or Flash colours. On the way to track ballet, disco, zumba, street dance, oriental or rock, with the rhythmic and colourful cadence of the instruments, music and singer. Tutu, Ballerina or Jean's Basket, you will find here candles, Unzyme discs, Sugar discs, cake boardThe following themes will be on display: Sprinkles, Food Sprayand Felt, Plastic Figures or Sugar Characters,Custom Toppers and Cake Contours for tagging Muffins and Cookies, Rap or Hip Hop version will decorate the cake of the star of the day on the theme of dance.

Dance cake decoration

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Dance cake decoration


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