Color and paint

Food coloring for pastry and cooking 

There are all kinds of food dyes and everyone agrees has a specific use: liquid food coloring, powder, gel or Airbrush. You will also find paintings and effect pigments: dyes edible glitter, pearly, gold, silver, bronze, gold rose, to water effect and many others. 

A small dose will give you a beautiful color to your sugar paste, Marzipan, cake, etc.

Liquid food coloring

Liquid food dyes are used to dye and color royal icing, Buttercream, the Genoese and other dough has biscuits going even in the oven! They allow to give a festive look to your creations. A few drops are enough! Say goodbye to basic cakes to the bland color and Hello colorful cakes and full of life! Orange, blue, pink, green and much more: a real ocean of more original colors to each other waiting for you.

Discover our rangePowdered food coloring

Food colours in powder

are very popular because they are multi-purpose! You can apply dry brush to create relief and made a powder but also dilute them in water to create a real food painting. Use the extract of lemon instead of water will allow you to paint cakes for birthdays and any other cake by adding a slight tangy taste. Elements in sugar paste or paste of almond, everything becomes support to give free rein to your desire. You will transform your creations in paintings of master in a jiffy.Gel food coloring Food dyes in gel are used to tint your pasta to cakes, cookies and others. Very economical, a few drops are enough to give a bright or pastel color, according to your desires, your preparation without her thin. Ideals to color your pasta to swrcu, almond pastes. The wide choice in the possible nuances will allow you to unleash your creativity and allows you to create beautiful cakes that époustoufleront your entourage. Then take the plunge and go to the discovery of the nuances

Powder, liquid and gel food coloring

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  • GEL food colours

    The food coloring gel

    The pigments in gel are the richest pigments. Very economic, a tiny amount enough to color, so it is advisable to measure them with a toothpick for more finesse. Their versatility and the holding of their colors are that the food coloring gel are the most used in the world of professional pastry. Moreover, they allow to create bright colors or pastels, environmental. Genuine Swiss knives of colouring, they allow to colour pasta sugar, modeling pastes, pasta with flowers and many others! Planet cake below is their main uses.The favorite of food dyes brands

     are: Rainbow Dust, Magic Colour and Wilton.Color pasta sugar

    Sugar paste coloring

    (and not the painting thereof) cannot be optimally only with gel coloring. Indeed, if you are using the liquid dye (especially large surface area), it will become very sticky. Well Yes, liquid dyes are water based, and water and not (for sugar paste) do not mix! Exit the dyes in powder as if they are recommended to cover your dough, once mixed, impossible to get rid of the little dots of color. While with a dye gel, everything goes well! Just dip a toothpick or cocktail pick in the dye and poking it in your stride. But be careful to use your dye sparingly, it is better to have to back that find themselves with a not too dark/colored! Also remember to prepare all the necessary amount of paste because it is impossible to recreate a 'home' to the same color!

    We recommend the dye food ProGel Red Ruby of Rainbow due you find here.

    Dye modelling pastesModeling dough is, in fact, dedicated to the modeling of person sugar doughswims and figurine (modeling paste). It dries faster than the dough to cover, including cocoa butter, she hardened well slower than the dough to flower. It therefore allows you to change your modeling without difficulties. It can of course be colored in the same way as sugar paste and follows the same recommendations. So use only the food coloring gel and color it as you would for a dough classic sugar.

    The pigments in gel for flowers pasta

    The paste or dough flowers, flower will dry faster and harder that dough cover but remains a derivative of the dough in sugar. The presence of gum in its composition makes it more elastic and allows him to spread too thinly to the cigarette paper. So it is easier to create thin and light flower petals, where his name.

    Yet once, it follows the same rule of colouring than the steps and modelling pastes. Food coloring gel is once again the only viable option to keep all its properties. The use of the food Colorant in Gel pink raspberry of the Wilton brand (find it here ) you will create beautiful roses to the intense color and live.

    Check out our other games of food dyes:


  • POWDER colours and DUSTS

    Food dyes in DUST

    Powdered dyes are very commonly used in baking. They are very popular due to their multiple uses. With them, you can easily paint and give depth to your elements in sugar such as flowers or characters. Diluted in water or juice, lemon, they can also allow you to paint on the sugar paste or almond paste. Their neutral taste allows you to use without restrictions. Whether you're just starting or cake design has no secrets for you, powdered dyes are products of bases that will get indispensable in your package of pastry. For occasions such as Halloween, Christmas but also moments of everyday, powdered dyes will be your allies to bluff your friends, colleagues and even your family. Young and old will be seduced by the boldness of your works. Then paint, mix colors, play your creativity and let the magic of our products in effect! Original creations and strong impression will be waiting.Brands of food dyes 

    favorite planet-cake are: Rainbow Dust, Squires Kitchen and Wilton. Wilton pure lemon extractLemon extract is almost indispensable in the use of powdered dyes

    . Indeed, it is used to dilute the pigments in order to paint all your creations. You can give color to your elements in sugar paste and marzipan but also to transform your creations into real painting for a result bluffing. It dries quickly and provides a very natural look. Thanks to its light and tangy taste, he marry very well with the flavors of paste of almond and sugar paste during the tasting. It will become quickly critical in your paraphernalia of pastry and you swear by him!

    Learn more on the

    Pure lemon extractDye powder wax meglass gold Classic at Squires Kitchen

    This dye polishing and metallic color gold will give a valuable appearance to all your creations. Its use is simple: spread it directly to the brush. Alternatively, you can dilute it in order to get an edible paint. Your pasta to sugar and almond pastes will be sublimated, unrecognizable. You can also achieve beautiful gilding of all kinds. His glittering record will be the most beautiful effect and bluff everyone. Your creativity is the only limit in its use. So roll up your sleeves and go to attack of ambitious projects! The dye powder polishing metallic color gold

    will soon become a must for you.

    The range of dyes in powder from Rainbow Dust.This range of multi-purpose dyes available in a number of shades more than impressive. The orange pumpkin Pink candy  passing by the

    light fishing

    his rich palette offers bright colors mixable to infinity. Unleash your creativity and let all your sweet thanks to their use more than simple desires. You can apply them directly to the dry brush on pasta with sugar and almond pastes  for effect in relief but also dilute them in water or lemon extract to achieve a superb totally edible paint. Turn your cakes in true master's canvas! You can also mix them directly in your creams and other pasta cake for color and beautiful creations in bright colors and cheerful.Discover the specificities of the poppy red shadelively and festive!Check out our other food dyes:The liquid food coloring ( food coloring gel




  • Food PAINT colors

    Food colours - what for? 

    The edible paint will mainly be used to paint with a brush on your Cake Design Cakes, mounted pieces, Cookies or on your sugar paste modeling. In several colors, Planète Gateau offers edible, ready-to-use, plain, glittery and even metallic paints.

    Classic food coloring to food painting through the dyes for Airbrushes, planet-cakes has selected the best brands of dye as well as the most beautiful shades for you. Red food coloringThis red food coloring from Rainbow Dust is a professional grade product. Unlike liquid dyes retail (supermarkets), it is highly concentrated pigment

    . A few drops enough so to give a bright color to your dough to cake, biscuit, or royal icing. You can avoid the worries of the liquefaction of your creations. A few occasionally, its deep red will be resplendent and intense. Say goodbye to your old experiences, often unpleasant, with the coloring liquid and discover the difference with these professional products!

  • Airbrush colours

    THE colors and effects for AIRBRUSH

    Our specialization in the field of creative pastry and the Cake Design you will find everything that can be done around the food coloring dedicated to airbrush, "Airbrush in English":3 largest brand

    • dye for airbrush: KOPYKAKE KROMA KOLORMAGIC COLOURS and RAINBOW DUST3 contents and price: bottle 118 ml for the consumer, 55ml
    • for a normal conso and 16ml for the occasional small habit.3 graphic effects for the airbrush: Frank neutralPearlescent pigments and metallized dyes... and in any case well covering!And of course, all colors imaginable... ready to use!These liquid additives designed for your Airbrushes are fluid enough to not to butcher your needles and thus have a finish without tasks and precision work.
    • With this choice of dye, you can paint with your airbrush on a wide surface of cake while giving effects of shadow and gradient, but also create details of great finesse. According to the pressure on the trigger of the stylus, you can do a job more where less precise. And this on almost any type of food support: sugar pastePulled sugar, Wafer Paper (leaf Unleavened /feulle of rice) or same royal icing. 

  • METALLIC edible colours


    Whether powders to sprinkle, liquid paint to paint a cake in sugar, or metallic glitter gel in a tube, you will find here all possible food dyes on metal effect and other MTALISS reflections.Brand RAINBOW DUST, WILTON, SQUIRES KITCHEN or MAGIC COLOURS, our range of food paintings metal tones are ready to use. Shake the bottle and deversez your pastry creativity !

  • Gold and Silver colours


    Whether gold powders to sprinkle, liquid paint reflection money to paint a cake in sugar, or frost ROSE gold in a tube, you will find here all the food coloring on the effect and highlights possible gold and silver.Your theme is made of precious materials, you will find here all what it takes to to your cakes this special brilliance of the metal into gold and food money.Brand RAINBOW DUST, WILTON, SQUIRES KITCHEN or MAGIC COLOURS, our range of food paintings Golden or silver tones are ready to use. Shake the bottle and deversez your pastry creativity !

  • CHOCOLATE colours


    These food dyes gel are ideal for tint and color chocolate. Bright colors or pastel to taste to make such massages that the flower or chocolate characters all colorful.You can do all kinds of pastry creations: lollipopscake popscandy, chocolate paste... THE COLOR OF YOUR CHOICE! Not suitable for tinting the sugar paste.

    , , 

  • Edible PENS and BRUSHES


    The food felt who have a fast drying. Their work is suitable for writing, the details on the sugar flowers and faces of your characters. They can be used on the decorated cookies, your cakes in sugar paste details, cupcakes and all the creative pastries.Them Edible food pens with different type of spikes:

     pen, felt or brush. Filled with paint and ready to use. Turn the nozzle until the dye fills the tip of the brush and you are ready to paint! More waste -very economical. Exists in several bright colors and even some metallic.100% edible food pen and very easy to use, the felts and brushes food contain opaque paint and the strong covering power. Not even need to get out your paint palette, simply wipe the tip and close the CAP tightly after use.

  • Edible GLITTER

    Glitter colored for decorating cakes

    What better way to make a resplendent cake with glitter? Planet cake was well understood and you offers many different products for all your creative and pastry desires. But which brand to choose? What packaging can turn? Food dyes in powder sequined edible glitter in spray through the glitter gels, we are here for you guide!

    Modecor edible glitter

    DecorGel range is a range of piping gel (decorative gel) metallic effect. It is available in three shades: Red rubies, gold and silver. It will allow you to write and draw on your sugar pies, cupcakes, cakes naked... In short, all of your creations, you'll understand. Their end cap will allow you to measure perfectly the quantity and the desired fineness. You can bring a touch of metallic and brilliant on your pastry masterpieces.

    They won't be that yet more fabulous! The Piping gel metallic gold effect will do wonders. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace) Sequined Claire Bowman spray powders100% edible, these flakes are contained in a bottle with pump: a first! You don't need to spend hours to sprinkle your cakes and put across. With this new system, a pressure just project glitter on your creations. You want an opaque coverage? Approach the broadcaster of your masterpiece. You want a lighter and more diffuse effect? Get him out. We do difficult to more simple and more convenient, no?

    This range is available in 3 colors: red, gold and silver that you can find here

    . (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

    Sequined Rainbow dust powdered dyesThe famous British brand offers two ranges of dyes pailletes: Starlight

    and Irridescent. 100% edible, they can be applied directly to the brush or sprinkled to give effect textured to your creations. You can also dilute them in of lemon extract to create a shiny edible paint and cover your cakes. Directly incorporated into your pasta to cakes and other creams, you'll get the basics to bright colors and glittering!They both ranges offer seven different shades, as the dye powder Pearly purple reflection

     Like what. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

    Beware, The Sparkle range Range

    JewelStardust and Hologram Rainbow dust are non-toxic but are not intended for consumption as food. However, you can use them on your flowers in sugar, pasta, sugar, massages that will be kept in memory and other decorative plates. Not to worry if it falls on the cake directly so.

  • Edible Lustre SPRAY


    The Spray wax food colorful give, according to the chosen model a gloss finishbeaded pearly or metal to your cakespastry, and other small details in chocolate. Lustrantes colored 100% edible powder with a finish bright sweet and a hint of sparkle.Easy to use, food Spray color gives style and elegance to your cakes, chocolates, cupcakes, cookies and other desserts pastry. He will reveal to wonder sugar paste, the dough toalmondscream the butter, chocolate, pastillage or modelling paste.If you want to bring out the Pearly effect in application on "wet" such elements one dessert, a foam or a glass, we recommend that you spray a layer of transparent spray before the application of the spray (spray) colored pearly


There are 185 products.

Showing 1-60 of 185 item(s)

Before the pleasure of the taste buds, cooking comes above all to the pleasure of the eyes. A beautiful decoration as well as a good presentation of the dish are, therefore, important to put water in the mouths of your guests before they have even tasted. Planète Gâteau has selected for you a wide range of food coloring intended for all uses in confectionery, pastry making, ice cream and chocolate. Food coloring is a must-have tool kit for novice and professional cooks. They allow you to add color to your preparations and enhance your cake and dessert decorations. 

On Planète Gâteau, food coloring comes from major brands such as MagicColours, RainbowDust, Wilton or Crystal Candy. You will find the most beautiful shades there: bright or pastel colors that you can mix to obtain many shades adapted to your expectations. Find on our department different ranges of food coloring that you can choose according to your desires, but also to the use. We have powdered food colors that cooks appreciate very much for their stability. 

A knife tip of this food coloring can color a liter of preparation. It is perfect for coloring icing and all cookies on a mounted base such as bomb dough, meringue or even macaroons. Liquid food colors are recommended for coloring liquid and creamy preparations. You can also use it to tint baked pastries as long as you go up a shade because they lose their color a bit when baked. For coloring sugar paste, almond paste, buttercream, whipped cream or cake batter before baking, opt for gel food coloring. They are incorporated directly into the preparation and offer a perfect result thanks to their high concentration. 

The most creative will be interested in our powders, liquid paint and glitter gel with metallic effect. We also have gold and silver colorants to paint your sugar cakes and desserts. These ready-to-use colorants will give your preparations a special shine that is sure to impress. Planning to decorate chocolate? Choose from our selection of gel food coloring specially formulated to color chocolate and cocoa butter. Also discover on Planète Gâteau non-edible fluorescent dyes for glow-in-the-dark pastry decorations. 

If you want to have a nicely decorated dessert, consider our decorating sprinkles. We have edible sprinkles in fine-tipped packaging for writing and drawing on your pastry masterpieces. Glitter spray powders allow you to decorate your creations with just one touch. Also discover our glitter to apply with a brush to add a metallic and shiny touch to your recipes. We also offer felt food coloring with different types of tips: pen, felt or brush. They are already filled with paint and ready to use.