Airbrush colours

THE colors and effects for AIRBRUSH

Our specialization in the field of creative pastry and the Cake Design you will find everything that can be done around the food coloring dedicated to airbrush, "Airbrush in English":3 largest brand

  • dye for airbrush: KOPYKAKE KROMA KOLORMAGIC COLOURS and RAINBOW DUST3 contents and price: bottle 118 ml for the consumer, 55ml
  • for a normal conso and 16ml for the occasional small habit.3 graphic effects for the airbrush: Frank neutralPearlescent pigments and metallized dyes... and in any case well covering!And of course, all colors imaginable... ready to use!These liquid additives designed for your Airbrushes are fluid enough to not to butcher your needles and thus have a finish without tasks and precision work.
  • With this choice of dye, you can paint with your airbrush on a wide surface of cake while giving effects of shadow and gradient, but also create details of great finesse. According to the pressure on the trigger of the stylus, you can do a job more where less precise. And this on almost any type of food support: sugar pastePulled sugar, Wafer Paper (leaf Unleavened /feulle of rice) or same royal icing. 

Food colours for airbrush

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