POWDER colours and DUSTS

Food dyes in DUST

Powdered dyes are very commonly used in baking. They are very popular due to their multiple uses. With them, you can easily paint and give depth to your elements in sugar such as flowers or characters. Diluted in water or juice, lemon, they can also allow you to paint on the sugar paste or almond paste. Their neutral taste allows you to use without restrictions. Whether you're just starting or cake design has no secrets for you, powdered dyes are products of bases that will get indispensable in your package of pastry. For occasions such as Halloween, Christmas but also moments of everyday, powdered dyes will be your allies to bluff your friends, colleagues and even your family. Young and old will be seduced by the boldness of your works. Then paint, mix colors, play your creativity and let the magic of our products in effect! Original creations and strong impression will be waiting.Brands of food dyes 

favorite planet-cake are: Rainbow Dust, Squires Kitchen and Wilton. Wilton pure lemon extractLemon extract is almost indispensable in the use of powdered dyes

. Indeed, it is used to dilute the pigments in order to paint all your creations. You can give color to your elements in sugar paste and marzipan but also to transform your creations into real painting for a result bluffing. It dries quickly and provides a very natural look. Thanks to its light and tangy taste, he marry very well with the flavors of paste of almond and sugar paste during the tasting. It will become quickly critical in your paraphernalia of pastry and you swear by him!

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Pure lemon extractDye powder wax meglass gold Classic at Squires Kitchen

This dye polishing and metallic color gold will give a valuable appearance to all your creations. Its use is simple: spread it directly to the brush. Alternatively, you can dilute it in order to get an edible paint. Your pasta to sugar and almond pastes will be sublimated, unrecognizable. You can also achieve beautiful gilding of all kinds. His glittering record will be the most beautiful effect and bluff everyone. Your creativity is the only limit in its use. So roll up your sleeves and go to attack of ambitious projects! The dye powder polishing metallic color gold

will soon become a must for you.

The range of dyes in powder from Rainbow Dust.This range of multi-purpose dyes available in a number of shades more than impressive. The orange pumpkin Pink candy  passing by the

light fishing

his rich palette offers bright colors mixable to infinity. Unleash your creativity and let all your sweet thanks to their use more than simple desires. You can apply them directly to the dry brush on pasta with sugar and almond pastes  for effect in relief but also dilute them in water or lemon extract to achieve a superb totally edible paint. Turn your cakes in true master's canvas! You can also mix them directly in your creams and other pasta cake for color and beautiful creations in bright colors and cheerful.Discover the specificities of the poppy red shadelively and festive!Check out our other food dyes:The liquid food coloring (https://www.Planete-Gateau.com/1150-colorants-alimentaires-Liquides)The food coloring gel




Food powder - baking and food coloring

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POWDER colours and DUSTS


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