Baking Mixes and additives


Here are all the ingredients for pastry and food preparations ready for use to succeed your pasta cake, Genoese and other decorations to Cake Design. And including preparations to Genoese flavored, mix cream mixtures, preparations to colorful food lace, Preparation for Ganache and frosting so that the famous sugar modelling ISOMALT with its transparent effect.

In terms of ingredient of pastry and Cake designer, you will find our best aromas, food, all sort them of gelatin edible food glues CMC and Tylose, Crisco grease, Nail Polish food GLAZE and the Piping gel for effects waters.

Preparations and additives for cakes and pastries

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Baking Mixes and additives


  • Flavourings


    Full range of close to 30 food flavourings to scent and taste to your pasta for cakessugar paste, ButtercreamBavarian, ice, cupcakes, lollipops, macaroons and other preparations of pastry. Give your cake a flavor delicious and original using our food flavouring quite originals

    : Pistachio, barbapapa, chewing gum, ice chocolate, lemon, vanilla, strawberry, coconut, Coco, Mojito, pomegranate, chocolate white, etc.You will also find a range offood aromas highly concentrated large brilliant brand specially flavour sugar paste. Perfumes 4 times more powerful than other food flavors standard.



    Create beautifulmassages in sugar with a transparent effect is Right now  easy graThis to isomaltPré-tempéré: 30 seconds microwave and isomalt colorful becomes liquid . Just then simply pour it in him moulds silicone of your choice and let it dry for creating great massages, how sweet that will decorate your pastries. Your Cake Design cake will become fun to enjoy!THEIsomaltPré-tempéréisone option sans-sucreideal

     for the creation decorations sweet the sugar work tire and decorations in mold . It can be tinted in the desired colors or you can also mix different colors to get new ones.You will find here all the pré-tempéré and colorful ISOMALT of your choice at an unbeatable price thanks to the brand SUGARIA.  

  • LACE Mixes


    Food lace is the big trend in pastry and Cake Design ! Enhance your wedding cakes (wedding cakes) and birthday elegant and romantic with a lace 100% edible, which will bring refinement to your creations (pieces, cupcakes or cookies) and that amaze your guests!There are 2 types of colored lace preparation  :

    A version in powder ("lace Mix") to mix with water to make the dough to lace (cheap price and good shelf life).And a second version already mixed and ready to be spread on your carpet to lace (practice and without risk of error)You can also color your lace cream

    • or even accentuate its color thanks to our food coloring gel
    • . Finally, our preparation for edible laces are compatible with all brands of carpet lace we also here!

    Planet cake has selected the best 3 brands of pasta with lace: CAKE LACE Claire Bowman, SILIKOMART and FUNCAKES. These creams for laces will quickly become your favorite tool to bring the touch of feminine finesse to your cakes.

  • Frosting and Ganache


    Frosting and ganache are 2 subjects ranging from pairs:

  • Ingredients and Baking Mixes


    Make a cake visually is important but it should not be at the expense of taste! That's why planet cake here offers a full range of blends and ready preparations for cakes and creams designed by professionals. You will get with these mixtures and mix, 2 rounds of hand, a texture and a taste worthy of the great pastry.You will find preparations for Bavarian cream flavored, mix for Genoese

    Sponge Cake different tastes for Cupcake with or without gluten, mix for custardPreparation for Royal icing, for a Christmas gingerbread for Red Velvet Cake for whipped cream Mix for creme butterfor cream enchanted. While the 500g for novices and 1 kg for experienced bakers.Also here you can find divers ingredients and additives of pastries as the dough marshmallow Fluff, powder of meringue, glycerinextracts of lemon, acid citric and glucose pastry.


    Food glue, CMC, Crisco, Tylose or Piping Gel: basic materials

    Essential Kit for the cake designer budding or experienced, edible glues tools (CMC, tylose) will allow you to paste and fix your different elements and modeling dough in sugar, Gumpaste or almond paste. The CMC will even let you make more firm your dough sugar to convert it into modelling dough! Totally neutral in taste, she alter in nothing your desserts. The Piping gel, neutral, colorful or even glittery will allow you to reproduce reflection of water or wet effects. Don't talk about the revolutionary benefits of Crisco as vegetable fat. There is something for everyone at planet cake ! Food glue

    Need to fix a Unleavened disc or disc sugar on a birthday cake? Want to assemble a gumpaste character on your cake? You want to add food lace on your wedding cake? The food glues are what you need!

    They are all edible 100%

    , of course. Multifunctional, they are devoid of any taste and other flavors. Not to worry, so: you don't dénaturerez your creations in any way whatsoever!

    Models with integrated brush, special flowers in sugar with measuring Tip: you will find the glue need you at planet cake! Discover food glue with brush Funcakes The CMC or Tylose 

    Carboxymethylcellulose, or more simply CMC is also called gum tylose. It can have many uses. It will for example allow you to ease your sugar paste and make it more elastic. In addition, at high dosage, this turn your dough in a jiffy gumpaste sugar. And so, rather than add it to cover sugar dough, you mix it with water, you will get a 100% edible food glue. Once dry, it will be completely transparent. Less powerful than a starch glue, she has however undeniable advantages: it dries slower and offers more elasticity. The CMC, the real Swiss knife of cake design! Find it in format 120g here

    . (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

    CRISCOCrisco is a fat plant, very popular in cake Design. It already is your new best friend, even if you don't know it yet! It is a goldmine to him alone. As soon as you start using sugar paste, it will be necessarily useful. Here is a list of its possible uses:A sugar paste too hard? Put some of the Crisco and she will find her flexibility! Take in a little and spread it on your hands before you begin to knead your dough in sugar and his work will be easier. It will not stick to hands and will be even more flexible! Left you on my hands after I put the dough on the cake? Spread the remaining top and you get a bright, almost satiny finish. It's the same with your creations in gumpaste, and plus they will keep longer! The Crisco can also repair small accidents such as cracks. A hazelnut on the tip of the wood and rub lightly: the crack disappeared!Available potted 450g or 1, 3kg, Crisco has still other possible uses, but you get the main: CriscoIt's the essential tool in design cake


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    Preparations for cakes

    ( for food lace


  • Gelatine


    In pastryfood gelatin is used to make custards, frozen, creams, jams and Bavarian. Planet cake has selected for you what is best in this vast subject of food gelatine : Seaweed AGAR AGAR gelatinplant gelatin powder, Bovine gelatin powder and even the famous colorful gelatin Decogel is flowing on sheets of impressions of reasons, be transparent bubble. Effect guarantee! In short, he is in for all tastes, all religions and all the powers of gelling (bloom).


There are 291 products.

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