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Food lace is the big trend in pastry and Cake Design ! Enhance your wedding cakes (wedding cakes) and birthday elegant and romantic with a lace 100% edible, which will bring refinement to your creations (pieces, cupcakes or cookies) and that amaze your guests!There are 2 types of colored lace preparation  :

A version in powder ("lace Mix") to mix with water to make the dough to lace (cheap price and good shelf life).And a second version already mixed and ready to be spread on your carpet to lace (practice and without risk of error)You can also color your lace cream

  • or even accentuate its color thanks to our food coloring gel
  • . Finally, our preparation for edible laces are compatible with all brands of carpet lace we also here!

Planet cake has selected the best 3 brands of pasta with lace: CAKE LACE Claire Bowman, SILIKOMART and FUNCAKES. These creams for laces will quickly become your favorite tool to bring the touch of feminine finesse to your cakes.

Cream lace food and cake decorating

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LACE Mixes


There are 4 products.

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