Frosting and Ganache


Frosting and ganache are 2 subjects ranging from pairs:

Icing Frosting and Ganache cake, a matter of taste

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Frosting and Ganache


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What is cake icing?

Frosting for cakes is a simple and affordable method that perfectly complements the look and taste of desserts. Frosting, also called “icing topping,” is the top layer of a cake, a type of powder made from butter, sugar, and sometimes other ingredients. It is commonly used on cakes such as cupcakes, cakes and chocolate cakes. Although it is most often homemade, it is also available ready to use.

There are different types of icing that can be used for cakes. The most common is mirror glaze which contains butter, icing sugar, and sometimes cocoa or honey. You can also find buttercream frostings, with ingredients such as butter, powdered sugar and crème fraîche. There are also powdered frostings which are simple to prepare and only require a mixture of water and powdered sugar.

How to choose the right type of icing?

Choosing the right type of icing for your cake will depend on the taste, texture and color you want to achieve. Most chefs prefer buttercream icing because it's rich and oily, making it a great choice for very moist and rich cakes. It also provides uniform color and texture. Mirror glaze is better for glossier topping cakes and is easily customizable by adding fruit or spices to your recipe. Ganache icing gives cakes a more chocolaty flavor, while ready-to-use is perfect for pastries that don't require extra baking, such as cupcakes.

Use of different types of ice cream on cakes: taste, texture and color

Each type of cake icing has its own unique flavor, texture, and color. Buttercream frosting can be added to topping cakes or desserts that require a thicker texture. Ganache icing is ideal for refined decorations and for chocolate cakes. The ready-to-use frosting offers a variety of colors and tastes, while the mirror frosting allows for a shiny and sophisticated cake.

Where to buy the best material to make a beautiful icing?

The equipment needed to prepare the icings can be easily found on your Planète Gateau online store. For example, we offer a wide choice of utensils, such as whisks, bowls and molds at low prices. Ingredients can also be purchased online from our site. Finally, you can also buy ready-to-use icing on our site!