Cake PANS and TINS

The most classic or more crazy: the best of cakes baking moulds

Whether you're loyal cakes of classical forms or tired of the endless round birthday cakes, here you will find all the moulds of possible cooking for your puff covered with sugar or any other pastry dough. Course on the menu, you will find the famous round cake pans and square aluminium non-SMEs and other mold hinged for traditional baking. But you will also discover the molds most original in the form of pretty cushion padded, flower, heart, car or football for supporters shirts, etc... You will make parts mounted birthdays of original forms with a touch of extravagance.  Planet cake also selected some specially designed cake pans for decorative pastry or cake designThey provide an ideal base for a beautiful confection with straight edges, 3D, Cupcakes or even Cakepops cakes.Mussels classic cake

Fans of round birthdays and the Bavarian square cakes? Your happiness is in the mussels classic

 ! Planet cake has chosen more than 40 different cooking molds. Aluminum to silicone. the classic round mould to the springform Pan; of the traditional pie pan at bottom removable pan, so many choices, it's almost indecent! You will be sure to find the mold

need you among our selection.Mussels cooking fancyOn the contrary, if you are tired of traditional cakes and want to change air, our wide range of moulds originals will seduce you for sure! You can recreate the favorite characters of the youngest or parts mounted for holiday themes, guaranteed! You'll be the star in Halloween with witches fingers or skulls. Little girls will be crazy about your cakes in the shape of princesses boys and girls of your cakex soccer ball! Add a touch of madness in your creations and give free rein to your imagination.

Mussels individualCupcakes, cakepops and individual cookie will have no more secrets for you! Make miniature cakes that will appeal to everyone. Your cakepops not to clump more and will have a regular shape, you can cook many muffins and cupcakes in a single batch. Save time and save your energy with our molds individual cooking.

Moulds for cakes cooking - classic and fancy

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Cake PANS and TINS


  • Round and square Cake tins


    ROUND or square definitely are forms of moulds baking cake the most used in the world. Whether for a simple birthday cake or a room mounted on floor of marriage (Wedding Cake), the round baking pan is the material that all pastry or Cake Designer should have in his Toolbox. In the program, you will find here the mussels Cook:Several heights (5, 7, or 10cm) and all diameters possible (10cm to 50cm)Round or squareAluminum

    • Anodized backer or tinned metalMolds closed for your basic puff covered with dough in sugar or mold inside removable hinge for foam cakescheesecake or strawberries.Mussel dishes or tilted says "topsy turvy" for a magical effect
    • The SME brand
    •  is specially adapted for the manufacture of cakes of English-style or American, thanks to its height of 10 cm and which will allow you to make beautiful cakes, as well as mounted parts. They are so professional that it is not uncommon to find mussels SME in the closet of our great mother!
  • Novelty cake pans


    Maybe have you enough of the endless round birthday cakes ? You are at the right address here to revisit the cakes with these moulds baking which will allow you to cook your Genoese directly in the form of a clear purpose. Without having to carve them manually.On the menu you will find the cake pans in the form of pretty quilted cushion, flower, of Heart

    3D to redeclare your flame to your lover, comma-shaped carButterfly or football shirts for the fans, etc... In short you will make the pieces mounted birthday original forms with a touch of extravagance. Effect guaranteed!

  • Bakeware


    Here you will find the necessary equipment for your life in the kitchen easier to cook your cakescupcake, Genoese and other pastries. On the menu, vents, carpet silicone, bombs for easy demolding, thermometer pastry, strips of cooking, everything is here, and more still.

  • Mini cakes Pans

    MOULDS of individual and cooking CUPCAKES

    Small mussels cooking to create pastries molded to the unit, such as CUPCAKESallowing you a service plate. Pour your dough, previously stained with your dyes, in the cavities of the moulds to cook and they keep the desired form.There won't be that decorate them a with flowers, pinch of marking and another pattern printed on your cupcakes. Many forms are represented here, including Christmas, halloween and Valentine's Day-themed.


There are 278 products.

Showing 1-60 of 278 item(s)

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