Round and square Cake tins


ROUND or square definitely are forms of moulds baking cake the most used in the world. Whether for a simple birthday cake or a room mounted on floor of marriage (Wedding Cake), the round baking pan is the material that all pastry or Cake Designer should have in his Toolbox. In the program, you will find here the mussels Cook:Several heights (5, 7, or 10cm) and all diameters possible (10cm to 50cm)Round or squareAluminum

  • Anodized backer or tinned metalMolds closed for your basic puff covered with dough in sugar or mold inside removable hinge for foam cakescheesecake or strawberries.Mussel dishes or tilted says "topsy turvy" for a magical effect
  • The SME brand
  •  is specially adapted for the manufacture of cakes of English-style or American, thanks to its height of 10 cm and which will allow you to make beautiful cakes, as well as mounted parts. They are so professional that it is not uncommon to find mussels SME in the closet of our great mother!
Molds Cook cake circles or squares

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Round and square Cake tins


There are 56 products.

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All pastry chefs know that the best cakes are made in the best molds. Are you looking for good cooking utensils for successful creations and pastries? You're at the right address. As a shop specializing in the art of cake design, Planète Gâteau has selected everything you need to achieve this culinary practice for you. Here, we have a plethora of cake molds to equip pastry chefs, novices as well as professionals. 

Our references come from the most famous brands such as Pme, Wilton or Flexibake. These utensils are available in several sizes, heights and diameters to meet all expectations. We also offer cake molds in different shapes: round, square, rectangular, fluted ...

You just have to make your choice. Opt for our silicone cake molds if you are looking for flexible utensils. They allow you to unmold your pastries very easily. Thanks to their material, these silicone baking molds are light, unbreakable and go very well in the oven. Plus, they're non-stick, so you don't have to grease or flour them anymore. Also discover on our department several choices of cake molds in high quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel. With these utensils, cooking is even and your preparations benefit from a nice coloring when cooked. In addition, some of our items are designed with a non-stick coating. 

This allows you to easily unmold the cakes and to clean the mold more easily. At Planète Gâteau, we have selected various types of baking molds suitable for all uses. Discover our cake molds made from high quality materials. You can use it for the preparation of your sweet or savory cakes, but also your brioches and breads. To solve the problem of the often difficult release of the pie, we offer pie tins with removable bottom. With these utensils, you can make beautiful pies, quiches, flans, pies, etc. 

Our cake mold sets are specially designed so that you can prepare tiered cakes or cakes with several shades of colors in one baking: rainbow cakes, naked cakes, drip cakes, etc. You will find on our site expandable molds with round or rectangular frames. Thanks to these, you will be able to cook preparations of different sizes without having a multitude of molds in your kitchen. 

We also have baking pans with hinge and removable base. They allow you to unmold the most difficult to separate cakes, such as cheese-cakes or ice cream-based pastries, in a snap. Likewise, you can choose our flexible molds to modulate as you wish to create cakes of all shapes: heart, number, triangle, letter ... Practical, they are suitable for all recipes such as brownies, cupcakes, muffins, pies, or others.