Presentation and Structures


There is here all the material necessary to pastry chefs and cake Desigdinner to present and organize your most beautiful floor of birthday or wedding cakes Wedding Cake covered in sugar paste. On the menu, the dummy polystyrene round or square for the fake floorsthe pillars and wooden DOWELS for the maintenance of the structure, the CAKE BOARD cake support trays round or square, thick or end, covered with aluminum, the sticks and paper for lollipops and presentations boxes cake-tiered so that they are strong and they are trimmed at all events.

Presentation material and structure for cake and mounted parts

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Presentation and Structures


  • Cake Boards and Cake Drums


    To create your parts mounted stable despite the overlay of the floors of your cakes and weight. There are for all tastes and for all the technique: the rigid separators discsthe plates of nesting Wilton, the cake "Cakebord" traythe supports to cake "CakeDrums"the cardboard pastry tray...Here you will find all forms of support to your cakes (round, square, oval, rectangular), all Board thicknesses (thin or thick and rigid), and

    all colors Thanks to the aluminium anodised and colored.In short, "the top" to present to your guests your finest works up to the professional wedding confection.

  • Dummies and polystyrene


    The dummies (or dummy) are the floors of styrofoam dummy cakes that are used to enlarge your cake birthday or wedding (wedding cakes) and give more scope to your cakes decorated with sugar paste. The Cake Design professionals also use these media styrofoam to create fake cakesexposed in the showcases for hygiene reasons.We offer here a Dummy shapes round and squareof different heights (7 or 10 cm). You will find even discs TOPPERS styrofoam 2 cm thick: you submit the main cake modeling

    so that the recipient of the cake can easily leave with this memory at the end of party.Not to mention some other form like balls styrofoamspheres for the heads of characterscones support of princess dress for the body of a figurine, and finally drying ramps in polystyrene to dry in the right position of the shoes in sugar paste


  • Cake BOXES and Transport


    Box of transport and presentation for cakes and parts mounted several stories including, depending on the model, a tray covered with aluminium, also called "cake board", square or round, thick or thin. The boxes of transport for cake that includes a display board, are covered with aluminium in contact with food. Ideal for transport safety but also to present your cakes and other pastries.

    In short, there are for all diameters, heights of boxes and budgets. these transportation of pastry boxes are ideal for transporting your cakes safely, but also, through the models of boxes transparent. to present your sweet culinary works elegantly.

  • Macaroon boxes

    Are you a macaroon lover or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one with a sweet tooth? Our macaroon boxes are the perfect solution for preserving and presenting these sweet delights with refinement. Made with a sleek, elegant design, they're sure to enhance your little treats. And because every gourmet moment is unique, we offer a varied range to satisfy all your needs.

    Whether you want to store a small dozen for an intimate gift or a large collection for a special occasion, our boxes are available in several sizes to suit the number of macaroons they contain. Opt for excellence and make every tasting experience a memorable one. Order now and guarantee your macaroons the storage they deserve!

  • Pillars and Dowels


    Here you will find what it takes to solidify the structure of your floor cake and another cake by the insertion of object in contact with food. There are several "school": the use of sticks of wood bamboo called Dowels, is the use of hollow plastic pillars and who can even adapt to the support plate plastic Wilton.In 2 cases, these materials are secablent to the size of your choice using scissors or pruning shears. So, ils will adapt to the exact height of each floor of your cake.

  • Cakes and Cupcakes STAND


    Discover our range of cupcake and pastry displays, plastic and cardboard displays for the presentation of the cakes and macaroons and cupcake pyramids metal displays, which displays to cupcakes displays to sweets.

    Not to mention the famous transport boxes and presentation for pieces mounted EXPOCAKE BOX! Material to showcase your creations to each event and wishes the possibilities and different styles to beautifully present your cakes.

  • Lollipops, candy and cake pops


    You will find here everything you need for the best presentation of your treats: whether sticks in lollipops different lengths, the bags of presentation for lollipopscolorful packaging papers for candy, candy bags for Christmas or halloween, holiday molds to lollipops Chocolate (Melts) of all forms or the display Cake POPS. In short, everything is there for the decoration of your sweet table !


There are 299 products.

Showing 1-60 of 299 item(s)